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    I know there's no way to test yet, which gives a little time for some fun speculation. Also, I'll say up front, I don't know a lot about CDMA radio and the associated technology.

    That said, what would happen if someone with more time and money than fear and common sense took a VZ Pre+, and doctored it with Sprint's OS?
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    Too late, Herb. Somebody already beat ya to it:

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    been done before on plenty of other phones.

    when i had a V710 on Verizon, we would flash different carrier "OS's" all the time.
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    I'd try get it.... radios should work on the network, but better hardware.... would be loooovelyyyyy!
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    Sorry, didn't see the other one. Mods feel free to merge. I thought about the ESN issue, but I'm not sure I buy it. If I understand the business model correctly, Sprint subsidizes phones to get people to pay for their network. If they can get someone to pay for their nework without Sprint having to pay for the phone, sounds like it'd be all gravy to them...
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    [QUOTE=hparsons;2138290]Sorry, didn't see the other one......

    It's alright, it's late, been a long day.

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