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    I just got a notice on my phone that an update is available. Seems kind of soon to me from the last one. Anyone else getting it? Don't want to have to delete all my apps again and have it be nothing. Does anyone know what the update might be? Video?(wishful thinking)

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    Um, there are like 30 posts about this update. I'm not one to typically say anything about searching before you post, but did you just go online after your phone said that and post without even looking at the forum?

    It fixes an Exchange issue.
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    this has been out a week or so, fixes some problem for EAS
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    Nope! its just a small fix for calendar i believe!

    Just install it, no problems w/ patches on this one!!

    60 plus patches and no problems whatso ever. No need to run EPR on this one.

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    Actually, yes, I did jump on here and checked the first page on here since the updates are usually pinned there. My bad. I'll look deeper next time. Thanks for the info though. Carry on people.

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    HAI GUISE! has anyone heard any news about the next update?

    there should probably be one, like, next month, right?


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