View Poll Results: After today's big CES announcement are you planning on coming back to Pre?

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    26 63.41%
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    8 19.51%
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    7 17.07%
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    Quote Originally Posted by downtown3641 View Post
    Do you complain when you buy a computer and six months later a faster model is out? Give me a break.

    Also, anyone who would come back based on flash, games, and video recording is a moron. This basically implies that they owned a Pre and left because it lacked features that we knew going in it didn't have.
    I guess I don't really understand why someone would buy a $200 phone, use it for a short period of time, shelve it, and go get something else.

    Maybe I'm too cheap to churn through phones like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by powerbyte View Post
    Thank you for that enlightening and informative opinion. What would we ever do without posters like you!

    Did you ever think people bought the phone knowing what was going to be on it eventually and then grew tired of waiting for an update? Nahh.....why would ANYONE do that.
    Actually, why would anyone do that?
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