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    Personally I find it much easier to have a closet full of the same clothes. No choices to make in the morning.
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    ...and since it's a presentation, he's most likely been told what color to wear based upon how it will look while standing in front of a big screen that is largely white during the presentation, and how it will come across on camera. Not to mention the color of the shirt also has to look good on him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishous View Post
    Wow. Some people. Can anyone explain why he should where something different? I mean think about it, what's the deal with having to wear something different each day?

    If I have 10 of the same shirts, who cares? Do you drive a different car each day?
    I used to..A while back I worked for a delivery company and we had different trucks / never knew which vehicle you would get day to day
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    If I send him a congratulations card with a new shirt will he get offended? I am a big fan of his and I was sporting the same outfit!!!
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    as long as he doesnt start doodling ridiculous pictures on a dry erase board, hes ok in my book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    cause he's a rebal.
    Is a rebal anything like a rebel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by etrade18 View Post
    I think Ruby has done an amazing job so far but has anyone else noticed he sports the same shirt!!!!
    Maybe it's a tattoo.
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    Watched the presentation n felt kinda bad for him cus no one laughed at any of his jokes but who really cares n who really cares if he wears the same shirt..Steve Jobs does it. Only thing I was interested in was the new features coming to the pre n coming to Verizon. I am a BB user but I'm switching over n I can't wait. Pre plus kicks ***( all pres kick ***. Big ups to palm for stepping their game up....n that grey shirt looks better than what Jobs wears
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    I might have to retract my comments and thread. check it out lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reminiz View Post
    are you the one that made the comment on the pre central main page that he would be wearing the grey shirt to CES? When I started watching the video, I thought about your comment and started cracking up.
    LOL I made one of those comments.
    I forgot to comment again about that.

    Cause when I saw that, I cracked up too!

    Anyway, I like him. Nice guy and unfortunately nobody did laugh at his jokes, lol... Seemed sincere.
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    I personally think he read my thread and said "This guy is right!!" Cool new shirt!!!
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