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    as i am an european user, i'm still happy i got my pre, when i got it. don't even know when the pre plus is coming to germany. the best point is, buying as an early adaptor got me a free touchstone + backcover, thats 70 here in germany, that would amounts to 100 dollar.
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    Very HAPPY with my 1st day Pre and this was my first Smartphone as well. Since I had no past experience with other phones of this type it's been fun to learn what the Pre can do for me. I'm still on my first phone and have been lucky to not have the issues other members have had and my Son know has one and is enjoying it as well. His girlfriend liked the phone but not the slider so when the Pixi came out we bought her one and she is very happy as well. We have just now tweaked our phones with Homebrew and its great.I think people who bought this phone as their first Smartphone are generally pleased and and know that if they what to get more out of it they have an option with what Homebrew can offer.
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    i dont regret it because i will never go to verizon for any reason at all so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kdogokc View Post
    I use the little button to "minimize" apps/go to the home page.
    That's what I use the button for! How do you do that with no button?
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    I'm not dissapointed at all that with my purchase. I purchased my pre in Sept and I have loved watching it grow as well as experiencing the excitement over all the updates too. Who really cares if Verizon got a pre that's a bit better than ours.

    Honestly if Sprint came out with a Pre plus right now the same people who are angry now would be angry because it's too soon to get an upgrade. Even us Sprint premiere customers still have to wait till May/June so whats the big deal.

    I Suspect we will be getting the Pre plus or Pre(2) whatever it will be called around the same time ATT gets theirs, since they said webos will make it to ATT later this year then Verizon's exclusivity can't be that long. It's probably around 6 months or so, similar to the Sprint exlusivity period.

    I'm due for an upgrade around Sept so hopefully they will have something new out for us Sprint users by then, and I will DEFINATELY be sticking with WEBOS from now on. Palm has showed us all that they are willing to meet as many of our needs as they can. Never have I experienced so many updates and new added features in a phone in such a short ammount of time. I wish Palm all the luck over at Verizon and ATT and I hope they are able to stick around for many more years to come.
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    I love my palm pre!!!!
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    No regrets, still happy with my Pre. To be honest, I wouldn't want another Pre (Pre+) if I was to get a new phone, I would want a HD2 or Nexus One type phone running webOS. I just want a big screen, slab style webOS phone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacGyver24 View Post
    i dont regret it because i will never go to verizon for any reason at all so...
    1,000,000% Agreed!!!! Very happy with my Pre. Got it about a month after they came out due to the fact that they were on backorder here in Mass.
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    I think Palm should offer something to Sprint Users .. like a promotional upgrade in memory to 16GB for $25 or something. That way, people who need the extra storage and better System RAM can have it.
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    Day one had some issues with equipment but very happy to have seen the brilliance of what Homebrew developers have done/been supported by Palm to do and I have benefitted by the hard work of passionate programmers. Thanks to all who have enhanced my Pre experience and I can't wait until the Flash 10.1 and the release of 1.4. Thanks also to the moderators of this forum - it's usually my first stop in the am and last in the pm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by techiechick View Post
    That's what I use the button for! How do you do that with no button?
    You just swipe and the card minimizes.

    As for Sprint getting and upgraded version in the future, how are we getting an upgraded phone when it is clearly stated that the Pre Plus is a Verizon exclusive?
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    I would also like to add that I have no regrets. It's great to see the development of such a wonderful product.
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    I don't have a webos device so I can't complain (stuck waiting for sprint upgrade) but I hope that sprint gets something too.
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    Not at all jealous. Matter of fact, I'm happy. I hope the Pre is a success on VZW. If the Pre+ is the only upgrade to my Pre next year on sprint, I will holdout on upgrading, unless of course my device doesn't hold up. Than again, I have Sprint warranty to take care of that.

    With the new PDK, I hope to see a Palm device with a larger screen for improve multi-media. That would complete the line up. Pixi, Pre, and product X.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dome View Post
    C'mon everyone... this is standard operating procedure for Palm. Remember the Treo 700w and the Treo 700wx... they do this all the time. Back then Sprint was the carrier that got the phone late but with twice the RAM. I'm not saying you have to like it but I don't think anyone should be surprised about this anymore. We've been seeing new Palm product numbers in leaked Sprint\Verizon inventory screen shots since August. What did you think was coming out, a downgrade? The same phone 7 months later on a diff carrier? That would be stupid from Palm's perspective. It's not like you can just keep releasing the same phone year after year after... (oh wait, I guess thats been working for apple)
    Took the words EXACTLY out of my mouth. Palm has been releasing the exact same phone model with additional memory on different carriers for years!!

    Also where is the sentiment (or proof) that Sprint users are being left behind? In addition to releasing multiple versions of the same phone, Palm has been good at making sure that software spanned across product lines (I personally can't remember EVER having software available to the 700wx that wasn't available to the 700w).

    I'm very happy with my Pre that I got in July and wouldn't even THINK about switching to get the Pre+. Matter of fact I think that Verizon users are getting ripped off in that they will be paying more monthly for a phone that in large part is the same as my phone.

    So I'm very happy with my Pre that I got in July!
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    I have no regrets from day 1 when I bought my Pre. And I think whatever Verizon has will be surpassed by a Pre II & a Pre II+ for Sprint & / or other carriers as Palm continues its development & rollout. Does Pre need some tweaks? Sure? More memory? Sure but I'd trade a micro card for more onboard memory. I'm willing to give it some time to see the next generation Pre.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Sprint was NOT even mentioned one single time during the entire conference... Something tells me I'm going to be paying dearly for committing to Sprint on launch day...
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    Day 1 User. Happy Sprint Customer and Happy Palm Pre Owner. Loving the New App Catalog, Homebrew and all my Tweeks. Still using my original Pre that is even working great with a small shallow crack in the screen from a bad drop. So will hold onto it till Sprint receives a new version.
    Looking forward to future updates and Pre versions with Sprint.
    I do wish VzW all the best with their release of Palm Web OS phones. All the more support for Palm and Web OS. :-)
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    Day 1 user here as well and no regrets at all. Sprint will get a new version eventually and I'll be happy. Hopefully the VZW launch goes well though, we need more WebOS users!
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    No regrets because Sprint rocks.
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