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    I'm a pre owner since day one and it's been a great experience. the best smartphone that ever done it. and what compliments that best, is sprint everything plan. My opinion on vz and the pre plus is that they should get a little more than the original owners. We had the experience the begining of a new revolution that other would never experience. Instead of those who are dissappointed that verizon gets the new upgraded, we should welcome new owners. The bigger the community, the more for sure we know that webos will be around for that greater experience. i can only hope that webos spread the love with every and all networks all around the world. that means more for us. so i think it's great that they get the newer experience. if this keeps happening, palm will be no.1 of smartphones. go palm. and for our pre community and webos internals this would not have been possible.
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    I had a free Pre since June (let my friend borrow it since his phone got cut off) and it's definitely an amazing phone. I got the Hero on the first and I'm having ridiculous problems with it so I'm going to swap it out for the Pre. I never really had too many problems with the palm pre. I'm just hoping I don't get a model that makes me regret my statement above lol. Pre for life.
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    I really like Sprint's service, in fact, since I switched, my only negative (phone) feelings have been mainly toward the hardware and software of the phone itself.

    I want a Palm Pre Plus on Sprint!
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    While I'm not a day 1 pre owner(I waited a couple of months), I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm a bit of a phone ***** so normally looking for a new phone whenever something new comes out but with the pre the new phone feeling has yet to fade because just when I start to think that there's nothing more that will be added to it something happens, either with Palm with their constant updates or from the homebrew community. I'm excited to see where it goes.

    As for the pre and pixi plus I'm not too upset ok it's got more memory I haven't run out of the 8gb I got now lol. And when someone shows me their verizon pre or pixi I'll happily show them mine and say what took you so long! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by nvmaddog View Post
    Yeah so then you buy the next gadget. OH wait, I can't because it's on VERIZON!
    You can buy it. All it takes is money.

    The bleeding edge costs a little more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spdyrel View Post
    I fully agree with the first post and for the people wanting more memory, problem solved because you can just buy a micro sd. I just hope that us original pre owners will have all the same updates the pre plus will have. I actually think the middle button looks better on the pre and hopefully well get the led notification (without patch) added. It has been a fun ride but I think its far from over for us even though they are releasing newer versions and at least its not the pre2, just more of a memory update.
    Huh? Micro sd?
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    I love the Pre concept. I've totally been screwed by sprint (not to the point of it paying to switch *yet* just not getting promissed/previous commitments honored) I've had the crappy hardware curse land in my lap. 4th phone still defective. Too much stress/trouble to try to get a good one anymore. I've accepted my fate for now. I would like a new and improved pre on Sprint ASAP. Not so I can run out and get it, But so they can put out a few first batches of crap and then I can get a new one one they get it right. I DO hate the button on the front. I want more capacity. I want a good phone that doesn't drop my calls every 5 miles or so. My Centro and 755p phones rarely dropped calls. I want that back!

    ps I know this doesn't mean anything, but it sure feels good to vent
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    I have been a release day user and have no regrets!! I have been through three Pre's but I don't mind. The phone is revolutionary!! Thanks to Palm for the updates that are flying out and Thanks to the Pre gods of the homebrew community. You are what really makes the phone!!
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    Im sitting on the fence as to whether I regret it or not. The CES demo was on a pre plus and it was smooth, when we get 1.4 and access to all the games (I dont yet, im in europe) then ill decide as ive got a feeling the original pre isnt going to handle it as well
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    No. Happy Sprint customer. Though, I might end up buying a "Pre Plus" at normal (non-contract) price and seeing if it can be ported to Spnt..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockyjay View Post
    Day 1 user. I only regret all the shields i have had to replace with my Pre's. aside from that I love it. I especially love running into Pre users that are not familiar with homebrew and ****** communities like PreCentral. I love showing them new things that they can do with their phone.
    RockyJay read my mind, I love talking Pre/Pixi with other users. It kinda like having a secret handshake or something.

    I'm a day one user and I am still on my first Pre. I'm sorry to hear about all those that have had issues, but I feel over most must be happy.

    I feel a little betrayed by Palm giving the "love" to Verizon, but I also understand it was probably a business move designed to make more money, something I'm sure they can use over at Palm.

    I like Sprint and would not have made the move for the Pre-plus. If I didn't jump ship for the Iphone, I sure am not going to do it for Verizon and the Pre Plus. Besides I picked Pre in the begining because it promised to be an adventure. If I wanted stable, I would have stayed with my Centro or gone to AT&T for an Iphone, but I wanted to be a part of a new OS and all that. I'm been very happy thus far, and I have Precentral and Homebrew to thank for how much I love my Pre.

    I do hope that Verizon and the money prize for dev will help get us even more apps.

    Guess we'll see...just like we have for the past seven months.

    I hope the Verizon customers enjoy the Pre and Pixi as much as we do.
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    Ok, if the contract is between Verizon to have dibs on the Pre Plus, theoretically wouldnt they be able to release a Pre "X" with a minor tweek..... say keeping the button... on sprint?
    It would technically not be the "pre plus" yet have the all of the features.

    That's just what I would do if I were Palm.
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    I don't regret going with the "basic" pre on sprint 5 months ago one bit.

    Its been an interesting time watching the phone and scene around it evolve. Whether you feel screwed about your purchase or are rational about it, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that the platform is gaining traction. It will be on all major US carriers (cept tmob?) and that is great to see.

    While a Pre+ would be nice, I'll hold off for the Pre2 as my next phone upgrade. 1.4 and the pdk will bring the phone's capabilities on parity with anything in the marketplace. And WebOS imho, is the best mobile OS out there right now.

    The only thing missing, for Palm right now is the critical mass mindshare that other platforms have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattykinsx View Post
    I'm a "day one buyer" and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed here.

    It would be one thing if the Pre Plus was being released 7 months after the Pre's release.
    It's another thing that the Pre Plus is released on a completely different network, with the feel that it may never come to Sprint, 7 months after release of the Pre.

    I want Palm to succeed over Apple and Android, honestly, because I like the WebOS format better.
    However, I would appreciate not getting screwed over in the process.

    The way it's presented, it almost seems like Palm is "leaving Sprint[therefore Sprint customers] behind".
    Next we will hear that the original Pre "doesn't have enough RAM" to get version 1.4..

    C'mon everyone... this is standard operating procedure for Palm. Remember the Treo 700w and the Treo 700wx... they do this all the time. Back then Sprint was the carrier that got the phone late but with twice the RAM. I'm not saying you have to like it but I don't think anyone should be surprised about this anymore. We've been seeing new Palm product numbers in leaked Sprint\Verizon inventory screen shots since August. What did you think was coming out, a downgrade? The same phone 7 months later on a diff carrier? That would be stupid from Palm's perspective. It's not like you can just keep releasing the same phone year after year after... (oh wait, I guess thats been working for apple)
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    Just like the TREO upgrades of the past I expect Palm will come out with a new upgrade for Sprint in the future. The Carriers all had multiple versions and for the most part they all had some unique capability. I believe PALM will either provide an equal Pre upgrade or more capable complete new phone with the WEBOS within the next six months for Sprint. After all Sprint took the risk in deploying the first PRE. I can't believe that Sprint does not have agreements which provide unique capability upgrades.
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    still on my first pre and now my wife has one bc she couldn't keep her hands off of mine
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    Also, for that Pre Plus your going to be paying Contract Price Plus too.
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    I love my Pre but will be really ticked off if Sprint does not get a Pre Plus or something better. I feeel like we were used as beta testers for Verizon customers and considering the close relationship Sprint has with Palm, someone better deliver or else....
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    While I am quite happy with my Pre, if there is a way to get my grubby mitts on the Pre Plus unlocked and bring it over to Sprint, I will. I have a sneaking suspicion that Sprint might see a 4g Pre (or is that wishful thinking) at some point in the future, but for now I wouldn't mind having a PrePlus. I'm just not going to switch carriers for it - I've been more than happy with Sprint.

    While my Pre has been buggy - Multimedia glitches (cannot play videos or some audio files - just stops mid playback), mild issues with some updates, and bricked a couple of times (never more than a WebOS Doctor away from resurrection), it continues to be a fun ride. Problem wise, as a person who migrated from a first gen-ish Windows Mobile phone to a first gen new Palm product, I'm still more than happy with my experience, and glad that I get to be on the ground floor of such a cool platform. I refuse to trade my launch day Pre for another, possibly more functional unit - everything except for multimedia works gloriously. I will be all over whatever upgrade Palm wants to sell me on my carrier of choice - so long as they keep the sliding keyboard and overall Pre form factor JUST THE WAY IT IS. Oh, and if my second gen device can play a youtube video without crashing as well, that would be a nice bonus.

    Edit: I'm well aware that I am a ******. I'll keep my "misguided loyalty" thank you very much. I like what I like.
    Palm III -> Palm M100 -> Palm VII -> Tmobile MDA (The 3 year mistake) -> Palm Pre

    Hello, Palm. Good to have you back. Let's just pretend that the whole "me leaving you for WinMo" thing never happened, OK?
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    Launch party Pre owner with no regrets. If Palm had announced the Pre Plus on day 31 of my contract I would have been more than a little upset but 7 months as the best WebOS device available doesn't seem unreasonable to me. Not at the rate things are progressing these days. Also, given Palm's history of trying to steal Apple's thunder, I would not be surprised in the least to see another Pre revision or a new WebOS device released or announced right before WWDC when Apple is almost sure to announce the 4th generation iphone. Perhaps it's wishful thinking but announcing a 4G (WiMax) Pre right before Apple announces the 4G (still on AT&T's crap 3G network, merely 4th generation device) iphone would be sweet.
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