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    I'm very happy to see palm releasing the pre on another carrier even if it's an updated version because that means they will have a chance to make more cadh and keep webOS alive, which is what really matters!

    and plus this only means better webOS phones will be available by the time I'm ready to upgrad e
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    oh and with verizon's pricing plans, you know it will be at least 100+ dollars to keep the pre running...NO THANKS!

    happy with my 69.99 any mobile any time plan. People just don't give sprint enough credit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    This should be a poll.

    BTW, release date users will be eligible for the "next" Pre first
    And now that it is a poll, we have yet another one that shows, even here in spite of the loud minority, the vast majority are happy with their Pre. Go figger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by morrison0880 View Post
    I hear ya. My contract was up in March, and I was determined to wait it out and get the Pre in June. You want to talk about a never ending Spring!
    Ha, I can top that one. Mine was up in November of 2008. I was waiting for a BB that I wanted to come up on Sprint. Thought I wanted a Storm and was disappointed it wasn't on Sprint. While "waiting" for it to come along, I found out I almost goofed, and had really just about decided to get a Curve when the Pre was announced. Yeah, Jan-June was too long.
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    Verizon getting the Palm Pre Plus is one of many reason why Sprint is #3. Sprint just recently started offering more appealing phones. Although Sprint received the Pre first, Sprint is once again stuck with Sloppy seconds. I still love my Pre and prefer Sprint over any other Network.
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    While I do love my Pre (got 1st one in August), the Pre Plus going to Verizon first is kind of a low blow to die-hard Sprint customers like me. It's like they're saying, "Hey, sorry we rushed this thing out before it was a fully featured phone, but now we have one that buy it instead! Oh and you have to switch networks!"
    I sure hope Sprint gets a new version of hardware. My slider is loose (on my 2nd Pre btw), I sure as heck don't know why we can't already record/edit video (the phones you get for free with a new contract even have video.), and no SD slot is so last decade.
    Thank God WebOS 1.4 will (hopefully it's true) have video, flash and better processing! I certainly won't switch to Verizon just to get the Pre Plus. The Sprint network has treated me well over the years and I see no reason to quit a data plan like theirs!
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    Day one Owner and very happy with my Pre!!! The only thing you know how it is, it is said that you never get first generation, but I am very happy with Sprint since 96 and see WebOS grow. I know that Palm has something for Sprint to show their appreciation for the opportunity that was given. Let's go Video Recording!!!!
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    My husband has had his since day one and loves it. I am looking forward to getting mine this May.

    I am just hoping that Sprint will have the new Pre Plus when I go to get my upgrade. I am not going to change providers just to get the Pre Plus.
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    ill chime in, im happy as a clam i got the pre release day! but effing annoyed a new updated model is released for another carrier!!! ill hold out though, ive got a couple dead pixels, and my headphone jack is jacked up (pun intended). once the new phone hits sprint, ill get it without much fuss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky33cw View Post
    Verizon getting the Palm Pre Plus is one of many reason why Sprint is #3. Sprint just recently started offering more appealing phones. Although Sprint received the Pre first, Sprint is once again stuck with Sloppy seconds. I still love my Pre and prefer Sprint over any other Network.
    How can you consider Sprint having the pre for 7 months before Verizon "sloppy seconds"?
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    Don't regret using a phenomenol phone all that time.
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    Anyone who bought the first release of Pre's purchase exactly that. Palm didn't say what and when anything would change on that phone...not that I ever heard.

    The o.s. and the apps that were available on day 1 is what I purchased. Palm said that developers would take it further but didn't give any hard promises of exactly what and when...again, not that I ever heard.

    For you guys that knew more than me and got dissapointed...sorry, but for the rest of you like me. You bought the first release of the Pre as it is out of the box and have added a ton of features, tweaks, apps, etc that have carried that out of the box device way further down the road.

    What difference does it make whether Palm wrote the scripts for apps and patches...the fact is if you wanted to add to functionality of the device, then you are free to do so. Any further upgrades and developments to the OS is awesome.

    I love the Pre and the community surrounding it. Thanks Palm, devs, and hackers alike.
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    Definitely jealous of the Plus. I love everything Web OS could be, but Sprint's Pre is just too damn slow to take advantage of it. I'm sick and tired of clicking things twice because the phone didn't do anything the first time. This phone is ridiculously slow, and if the Plus is even a tiny bit faster, I'm extremely jealous.

    I suppose I can at least take solace in knowing I'm not a Verizon customer. Nothing's worth that.
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    Good to see another US carrier getting the Pre but, I wish I could have gotton a 16gb Pre. Having the extra space is nice. I sold my iPod touch the day I bought my Pre (day 1) but, all my mp3's take up 6gb alone. That doesn't leave much room for other data.

    As for tethering, I could care less. I have MyTether and it gets the job done.
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    I am glad I have had the Pre since day one, but if the RAM is doubled on the Plus, I will be a bit envious (just being honest).
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    Oh, and as for the new Pre Plus not having an "extraneous" center button, that button never should've been extraneous in the first place. That button should really have always been a back button, and to this day, it still annoys me that it's not.
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    Thanks morrisson0880, you speak my sentiments to a t. Besides, can you ever really keep up with the technology? What's new today is old in 6 months anyway. I'd wait in line on day one all over again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davis.rob View Post
    Where are people getting this 512 ram spec? I don't see any mention of this in the Palm presentation or in the detail specs on the Palm website. I have to say, I think that would be really nice ... I've been thinking the Pre is a little memory-starved at 256mb. But I'm not sure it's true ... or at least I haven't been able to find it ... maybe just a misinterpretation of someone saying "twice the memory" when they're really talking about the 16gb storage?
    jon said in his presentation that the plus will have twice the memory, which will allow it to be faster and multitask easier. Then he said that it will have 16 GB of storage. First of all, you wouldn't separate these into 2 points if by double the memory he meant simply 16 GB of storage. That would be pretty redundant. Second, having more internal storage doesn't make the phone faster and help with multitasking. That's what RAM is for. The Plus will have 512. Bet on it.
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    Tethering is all well and good but you can bet your bottom dollar that Verizon will charge quite some premium for it.
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    I fully agree with the first post and for the people wanting more memory, problem solved because you can just buy a micro sd. I just hope that us original pre owners will have all the same updates the pre plus will have. I actually think the middle button looks better on the pre and hopefully well get the led notification (without patch) added. It has been a fun ride but I think its far from over for us even though they are releasing newer versions and at least its not the pre2, just more of a memory update.

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