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  • Yes, I'm crushed and regret getting the original now that it's been improved

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  • No, I am happy with my pre and my experience with I've had with it.

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    Isn't kinda of funny, from my experience in this forum, roughly 90% of the threads are negative post's about the Pre, what a piece of cr#p, worst phone ever made, I am on my 9th Pre, blah, blah, blah. But whenever someone does a poll, hardware or whatever, the satisfied owners are always around 90%.
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    Even if I was getting a new phone today, I'd choose the Pre on Sprint over the Pre Plus on Verizon.

    Over the course of a year I'd save $400:
    + likely $50 upfront difference on the phone
    + $30/mo less for comparable unlimited data plans * 12 = $360
    - 10 for kit with touchstone back cover instead of one without

    So I could basically get:

    • a regular Pre
    • AND enough to cover the deductible ($100) to replace it once
    • AND enough $ for an upgrade to the Pre 2 or whatever after a year ($200),
    • AND enough extra $ to buy the games/apps/accessories I want
    • never running out of minutes with Any Mobile, Any Time


    • a slightly nicer Pre with more memory, better build quality (?), sleeker look without center button, and tethering I wouldn't want to use anyway
    • better network coverage that I personally don't need. (but I realize some people do)

    I'm loving the fact that I got the Pre 6 months ago that I can give to a family member in June when I upgrade to the next version.

    Also, the last 6 months of watching the development of homebrew, patching, and the OS itself have been good fun.
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    I am very disappointed Pre plus will be on verizon. I switched carriers to sprint specifically for the pre. What is sprint thinking? If this phone really catches on like it should now with all the app incentives and amazing system updates then Sprint is crazy to not want to cash in on this money train.

    Also I pay so much less per month with Sprint its insane. Why would I want to go back to one of the "big two" (Verizon + ATT) and hike up my bill again?

    So much for getting the newest best palm out there. Looks like I'll have to wait till Sprint wises up and claims Palm again...
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    Eh, it's Sprint we're used to some level of disappointment. This is pretty minor by comparison. If I was on Verizon, I'd already have the Droid and probably wouldn't be regretting that.
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    I like my Pre and sometimes do regret buying it. I got mine on day one and it finally went out on me last month.

    I think the fact that Palm used Sprint customers as little test subject was kind of messed up and now Verizon users are the ones to get the "Real" version of what the Palm Pre should have been from the get-go.

    I dont mean to sound like a little ***** but if I had it my way, I would have Palm (Not Sprint) reward us BETA users.
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    I'm not upset. I really like the pre, but I don't think its unreasonable at all to ask sprint/pre to have some kind of an upgrade program for people who bought early on where they could upgrade to the pre plus for a signifcant discount like maybe 50% or so. I don't expect it because that just isn't the way business is done, but it would be nice for them to show some appreciation. (maybe those of us on the forums could start pushing this idea to palm/sprint) If the plus is successful at verizon and at&t it was at least in part due to the people who supported it in the beginning.
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    I personally feel a little upset about it to say the least. its okay i guess that verizon gets one.. but why does it have to be better?

    and why doesnt sprint get the upgraded one?

    in fact, why doesnt sprint get any of the "cool" phones..
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahitz View Post
    • a slightly nicer Pre with more memory, better build quality (?), sleeker look without center button, and tethering I wouldn't want to use anyway
    • better network coverage that I personally don't need. (but I realize some people do)
    Not to mention that if you did want to tether, well, MyTether says it all.
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    it just might be time to use that idea to get out of my sprint contract..
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    Really, WebOS 1.4 is a MUCH bigger/more important feature/functionality boost than anything the Pre Plus has...and we're all getting that.
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    It's the nature of technology! Something better will always come out whether it's 6 months or 6 days. If people are so easily angered over tech advances they shouldn't be buying cool stuff when it comes out.
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    i can't really say that i'm crushed. Yes I had to deal with the growing pains of the WebOS platform and Verizon users will be getting the fruits of that labor, but I think the pain would have been intensified if i had to deal with Verizon's rates as well. My experience with pre on sprint has been excellent. Sprint coverage in my area is strong and data plans are a steal...

    the only thing that would truly crush me, is if another carrier got the "Pre2" before us.
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    I have no regrets at all! I've had the phone since day one and had dreamed of having it since last January. Its a great phone and I'm glad its going to the biggest phone network in the states because that more users for palm and the more attetion webOS gets the better for its users. BESIDES, I'm stuck in a two year contract so Im just gonna cross my fingers for an awesomly new and improved 3rd generation Pre for Sprint in May 2011 when I can actually get one at a cheaper price.(23 month contract) I can't wait to see what else comes to the phone is the folks over at Palm have been busting their ***** to give us spoiled Palm users almost everything we've asked for! This Phone is GREAT! Hook 'Em Horns... even though they fell short with some really crappy luck last night.
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    Release day buyer here and I'm still loving my Pre more and more every day. The new games look cool and all but I doubt I'll ever actually buy one. As long as I get video recording/editing with my 1.4 update next month, I really have nothing to be jealous of the Pre Plus for. The memory will likely never come into play for me at this point.
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    I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have twinges of jealousy over the improvements, but the device has been so useful over the last 7 months that I definitely would have been worse off had I waited.
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    Hey guys, I have had the original since it came out. I am very happy with it and am happy that Verizon has finally gotten theirs. Even though it is an improved model, I'm sure Sprint will get an improvement to it or the same model sometime in 2010. The difference isn't in the options, I am happy with mine and am even happier with Sprint, they are cheaper, have more to offer for the price and their data speeds have been awesome. No need to spend so much more for a bunch of people following you from behind, LOL!
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    I have no problems with VZW getting the Pre Plus and would be ****ed if that was all we got as an upgraded version to the original Pre come June of 2010. All I know is everyone with a Pre should be able to update every year instead of every two years like every other carrier. I would like to know more about this "Palm C40" we saw a while back sine it is NOT the Pixie as the Pixie is the Palm 120. Sprint will get the first real updated WebOS phone, hopefully in June, and hopefully packing a Snapdragon and AMOLED along with a better build. Then the VZW people will complain that they now have the "outdated" version and the cycle will continue. If not...then Android here I come!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by morningisbad View Post
    i do wish i had 512 and 16gb...but i have been very happy with sprint.
    Where are people getting this 512 ram spec? I don't see any mention of this in the Palm presentation or in the detail specs on the Palm website. I have to say, I think that would be really nice ... I've been thinking the Pre is a little memory-starved at 256mb. But I'm not sure it's true ... or at least I haven't been able to find it ... maybe just a misinterpretation of someone saying "twice the memory" when they're really talking about the 16gb storage?
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    No regrets with my purchase of the Palm Pre on Sprint. I've been with Sprint for years and with their new plan of any mobile any time I save way more money. I just recently added my father and the rest of my family to my family plan so I can save him some money from him having Verizon.

    I only wish that the Sprint Pixi would of came with wifi, I bought one for my girlfriend and I love the form factor, but it would of been great to have wifi.
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    I don't regret it from a software side, but I do from a hardware side. I'm on my third Pre now, and even this one is starting to get a loose slider. I would like the extra RAM, don't care much for the storage, but with the Pre Plus, it's being reported that the slider mechanism is more solid than it was previously, and that's kind of a low blow - hardware can't be upgraded over the air.

    And the center button being removed...we all know about how the center button can lead to screen cracking on some earlier Pres. I know its not very common, but it does happen - I sold a Pre to a customer about a month ago and he just came in this week to get a replacement, since he did in fact have the center button based screen cracks. So basically yeah, it sucks. When you are an early adopter, you don't expect the hardware side of things to be fixed until the next generation device usually, and the Plus isn't a next gen device - it's what I should have gotten 6 months ago it seems. I'm very happy with my Pre now, but if I could have the better slider, no extraneous center button, and more RAM, I would really enjoy that.
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