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  • Yes, I'm crushed and regret getting the original now that it's been improved

    114 17.70%
  • No, I am happy with my pre and my experience with I've had with it.

    530 82.30%
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    Six months is a long time in the phone world, and I definitely think those who purchased the Sprint Pre definitely got the benefit of having the phone half a year earlier. That being said, it makes sense that current Pre users may be a little jealous or envious of the physical device that will be coming out for Verizon. Its completely reasonable. But that's the nature of technology...
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    Got my Pre in Nov. Very happy with the purchase and webOS. I was shopping between the Android HTC Hero and Pre. After playing with Android, I just cannot get excited about it. The more I use webOS and find out the possibilities with Homebrews, flash 10, 3D gaming, it just gets better and more exciting. I'm looking forward to upgrading to a Pre 2 with Sprint whenever I can upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yaroze View Post
    I know this may sounds terribly petty, but I hope the future sprint models keep the Orange buttons, I am not fond of the white/gray combo the Verizon Plus has.

    As for my Pre, I love it, and do wish I had at least an MicroSD slot, but oh well, it's still a great Device!
    I agree, but I don't think it looks promising. My wife's Pixi has keys that appear to be closer to the +'s than the Pre.
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    Since the Pre Plus will be Verizon only, im not disappointed I didnt wait. Verizon is WAY too expensive. I have 3 lines and an aircard, and in no way could I justify paying all of that money every month.
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