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    Few things I wanted to discuss. Lets start with the 1.3.5 Battery performance. I think that the Pre's battery is about the same. But something odd is occurring. I noticed it a few times but i was able to verify it today. The battery goes from 50,60, or whatever xx% and goes to 0% and says the phone is about to turn off. I then turn off my phone and take the battery out and put it back in and viola, the battery is back to xx%! I remembered a few times when my phone is charged and then it died and I thought to myself I remember charging it full. Well today I saw it happen live. Only started happening since 1.3.5

    After using the Pre now for 6 months, and being a former iPhone user, I must say webOS really has changed the way mobile computing works. I suspect that the in the future a lot of mobile OSs will mimic the card view multitasking system in some form. Now with flash and the new PDK announced, this should put the webOS the OS that other companies will be trying to catch up to. I just wished that they incorporated some type of widgets so i cans see some info on the home screen.

    As far as the new Pre PLus, I am a little disappointed that sprint will not also be getting the Pre Plus so consumers can upgrade. I would pay to upgrade my Pre to 16GB and better mechanics and build quality. What usually happens is even tho Verizon gets the Pre Plus, Sprint will be the first to get the Pre 2. I just hope it comes out in June.

    Last thing before I bore all of you guys, I want to see Palm make a tablet with WebOS. I think it would be awesome have cards floating around and maximizing what I need, having some sort of gesture area to swipe back and flicking up to the launcher page.

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    (personal reference: sprint palm pixi running webOS
    I noticed no difference in batt. performance.
    and question: how do you know that the pre 2 will come out on sprint? and not verizon? what would the specs be, as a sophisticated guess?
    I can't wait till my contract ends in december so I an get either the pre or the pre plus or the pre 2 (if it lands on sprint, let alone, is made)
    I love sprint. I love my pixi. a match made in heaven.
    as for the iphone, I'm not happy at all with at&t's service and the fact that it can't multitask (overall) and that background processing is limited, makes me a sad customer. oh sure it's apple, but....ehh....nahh I'll be ok.
    it's also too bad that the pixi won't support flash.
    and I would absolutely LOVE a webOS tablet. or a webOS computer for that matter!! that would make my year. but honestly I think that it'd be tooooo much to ask for that. I think I like being a triOS person.
    phonewise - I have a pixi (linux-based)
    mp3wise - I have a zune (microsoft windows-based)
    computerwise - I'm getting a mac (apple-based)
    and I'm fine with that

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