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    X-Plane is a pretty cool app. Pretty fun. Ill have to play with it more but it seems to be pretty cool.
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    What is it?
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    flight simulator.

    pretty fun for crashing and stuff.
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    supposedly its accurate enough to practice ifr
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    Sorry, it's not even close! Maybe the FULL PC version, but definitely not the Pre version. (I have the Pre version)

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    supposedly its accurate enough to practice ifr
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    That game is kind of fun. I used to have it for the iphone. However the game doesn't have any missions or anything. All you do is fly around. So what I used to do is take off and then try to land. Or see how high I can get my plane. Basically make up your own missions.
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    it does say it's can even count toward in flight hours and they remark ( with proper equipment!)
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    Yeah, they are talking about their flight sim engine, not the game itself. No way the FAA is going to approve flight time on a phone LOL.
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    that would be about as bad as the kids who play Call of Duty and then think they know everything about guns and stuff.

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