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    Since the latest upgrade to, I now have to swap in the fresh battery twice before the phone will boot up. After I pull out the dead battery and put in the fresh one, I hold down the ON button to boot up. I see the PALM logo screen and wait for it to start up. Usually, the PALM logo begins to glow after a while before the phone finishes booting and goes to main screen. Now, however, the PALM logo just sits there; it never starts glowing. This is the case even if I leave it for 10 minutes. Finally, I have to pull out the battery, put it back in and restart the phone. Now, the PALM logo starts to glow and after a few minutes the main screen pops up. What's going on?
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    Perform a keyboard-based reset!
    I've had the same problem but found that if I Press the Orange key, the Symbol key and the R key (for reset) that this normally takes care of this issue I ws wondering if my spare battery was dead and having to wait until I could plug it in, thinking that was the problem. But when I did that and plugged it in to charge I would see that the replacement battery was still charged so I couldn't figure it out. I finally decided that the Pre was maybe locked up, thinking that the battery status was still dead from removing the previous battery. Maybe some kind of protection or glitch but at least I found the solution which works.
    I searched the forums several times and couldn't get the exact wording to lead to a solution; ie. "won't start" or "won't boot" turns up empty. I've gotten spoiled to powerful search engines (Google) which quickly find solutions and on PreCentral, I've found that you can't always be too specific. Not knocking PreCentral's search engine but you really have to nail the terms sometimes to get the right answer. I think this is what often leads to the same posts over and over again. If I search topics instead of post I may end up with a topic with 50 pages of posts and I end up reading for the next hour to find my solution. I end up more "edjumaked" than I was to start on the topic but found I just killed an afternoon on troubleshooting a sometimes simple problem!!!
    Sorry for overkilling your answer!
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    Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
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    You know you can use google to search precentral right... "won't start"

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