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    After the news from CES, I bet a ton of iPhone developers will jump on the Pre bandwagon, after all, we are looking at 1068 apps vs over 100000 apps, your chances of your app being found and downloaded is now way better!

    Also, I think Palm needs to do some more advertising that shows off the gaming capabilities of the Pre. A lot of teens and twenty somethings would love to see a phone that isn't made at a fruit company that is capable of 3d games. Think about it, get the 69 dollar plan, get a phone that does almost all the iphone does and then's quite a combination! Palm and Sprint need to stress that point! How much would you have to pay for a comparable iPhone plan (without Navi out of the box!)? They better do it fast....before Apple coughs up the next version of Jesus phone.

    That chick on the right has one hell of a nice stomach....looks sooo much better without having butterflies and other crap tatted all over the place!
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    I'll give somebody five bucks if they port a snes emulator
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike20PR View Post
    you guys are making me want to go back to the Pre again from the Touch Pro 2..... i was waiting for something like this on WebOS before i jumped on the bandwagon once more

    this is exciting news indeed!!!!
    I switched back to my Pre from the Hero, there are alot of apps that I miss on the Hero but I bet it wont be too long till better apps come out for the Pre
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