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    Long story short, I forgot to NOT use itunes to purchase music for my Pre. I purchased 4 songs and actually paid to UPGRADE the version of 2 more to the "itunes plus" or whatever the hell they call it because if figured they would work on the Pre that way. Well, they don't.

    Can someone explain to me how to get them to work? And if they won't ever work, can someone please explain why? I'm pretty sure that some of the music I purchased in this format before I bought my Pre work on the Pre.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Well, I didn't do ANYTHING since I typed the original message, but apparently now the songs are working. There was a HUGE lag in the "remix" music player. I had a song selected, it didn't work so I started googling solutions and literally 1 to 2 minutes later the song started playing. I spot checked the others and they're working; however, there is a definite lag before the songs will play albeit not the 1 to 2 minute lag of the first song.
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    it used to work, then itunes figured a way to stop it. then palm came back and made it work again. then apple figured out how to stop it again. then palm figured out how to make it work again. then apple put a stop to it. and as of now we are not able to use itunes to get music. should not be a big deal since you can get the same song from amazon, and even have it converted to use on your itouch, or what ever its called, if you wanted.

    i just ended up using pandora for the most part.
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    Some stuff in iTunes still contains the DRM stuff. So you can't play that on a Pre.

    You need to write those to an audio disk and then import them back to strip out the DRM.


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    Palm Pre is only blocked from using the Itunes software, music files purchased from itunes can still be put on the pre and played so long as they don't have the DRM protection.

    Not sure why you were having problems. I have never had a problem with lag or songs not playing but then I don't listen to music on the phone much. Glad it has corrected itself for you.

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