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    okay so they just anounced colored backs for the pixi, i was just wondering if there's any way to buy similar baks for the pre? from like a third party vendor or something?

    has anyone seen any at like a mall or something?
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    I WISH.

    I would die for that, as it would almost be like a case. Then I can have a theme to match.

    But no, haven't seen them.
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    Surprisingly, I haven't seen any either. Shouldn't there be a shady company making colored battery covers out of very cheap material by now?
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    you would think they would have them/: i dont like cases cuz of the extra bulk but owell/:
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    Maybe it's because it's a 'professional' phone. I can hope, right?
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    I'd like to have a red or blue back with the touchstone back finish.
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    Do it like those Ghetto treo owners that spray painted their cases.
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    well true, the phone is targeted at a more professional audience than the pixi, so they would assume that they would have no need to make colored options, but not alll users of the pre are business oriented people, i myself am just a sophomore in high school, and i want my color! /: im so jealous of the pixi+ in green right noww ]:
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    anyone else have any info?

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