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    So after my third replacement phone (3rd time is the charm I hope), I got a phone that didn't have slider issues, didn't have dead pixels, and woah, was quite bit faster.

    However I did notice on the back cover, I had a 6 stamped on the inside. Now I looked at the 2 replacement phones I had before and they had a 2 and 3 stamped on the inside.

    My Pre also had 1.3.1 installed on it. So... Question of the topic..

    What number are you and when did you buy your phone or get a replacement device?
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    pre #4 and august was first one and the 27th of last month was #4
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    Pre number 1 and still going strong
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Pre number 1 and still going strong
    What's the number stamped on your device cover?
    Sprint Palm 2 - Developer Mode - 2.1.0
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    1. Go to your "phone" or "dialpad" app.
    2. Dial in ##786#
    3. A new screen should show up.
    4. Scroll down to the bottom and locate "WARRANTYDATECODE"

    Whats your date?

    I have had too many since launch.
    1: spider web cracking from center button
    2: 3 dead pixels
    3: slider problem
    4: Bad speaker or radio or someting (fuzzy calls) warranty date: 6/20/2009
    5: Great! ( far)

    I have a feeling my problem is with refurbs and the first phone I was just in an unlucky batch.
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    first pre - first week they came out. WORKS FINE!
    cover no number but I think it said #69 same upside down. My Pre is a screamer.
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    06/15/09... The first one and working perfect!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NitOxYs View Post
    What's the number stamped on your device cover?
    Opps, hmmm, got a TS cover, don't know where my original cover is.
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    Bought a fairly banged-up used Pre 4 months ago. Obviously it's not in any better condition, but it's not any worse than when I bought it. Never quite understood how so many brand new Pre's seem to be breaking, when mine is doing just fine.
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    Number inside cover: 3
    Warranty date code: 08/03/2009
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    I am running strong on my second pre, first one had a massive oreo. The number inside cover is 2. The warranty date code is 09/07/2009
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    launch day pre

    Number inside cover: 4
    Warranty date code: 05/30/2009

    ...and loving it!
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    On my first Pre still since July. Too lazy to open cover..
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    Number inside cover -6. My second Pre. A refurb. Received December 23. The phone is perfect.

    Warranty code date 5/25/09
    Act Date 6/6/09
    Recon Date 12/12/09
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    I am still on my first Pre which was purchased on day one of availability in June. Some oreo effect, but other than the standard Palm WebOS and upgrade introduced bugs **coughs** features, Still working reasonably well. **knocks head wood**

    Don't recall any number being stamped on the inside of the battery cover. Will have to check on that.
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    I'm actually on my third Pre; but I think only one was bad:

    #1: The guy at the Sprint store must have actually dropped it, cuz when he was finalizing my contract and what-not, I noticed that the casing on the phone (still in his hands) was separated. I asked him kindly to snap it back together. ...It wasn't until I got it home that I realized that the screen had a teeeeeeeny crack on it above where it says "Sprint" in the top left; you actually had to hold the phone at an angle to even see it. This phone worked great - no oreo, no speed issues, etc.
    #2: This one started shutting off when I closed the keyboard after typing a text message. Brought it back and got #3.
    #3: Current Pre, and it has a '5' on the back cover... But what on Earth does this mean? This one works great.

    ...All of these were new devices within my first 30 days.

    My wife, on the other hand, got hers the same time I got #2 above and she has absolutely no issues with it.
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    Still on my launch day pre, it has a 2 on the inside cover next to the speaker.

    No oreo, no problems with the exception of my USB cover falling off(no biggie).
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    Still on my first Pre... Activation date 6/22/09, Hardware Rev A, Warranty Date Code 6/13/09, Back cover #2.

    I have no discernable "Oreo", no dead pixels, no light "leakage"... The only issues I have had are of my own creation; a crack near the USB port which appeared after I dropped it a few too many times, and minor scratches due to me never putting any screen protection on it and keeping it in my pocket sans "sleeping bag".

    Over all, I'm very happy with my Pre... I only hope that Sprint has a Plus model (or something better) when I'm next eligible for an upgrade.
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    First PRE from launch day, June 6th, #1 on the inside of the cover

    Still running strong....guess I got lucky
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    Launch day Pre. #3 under the cover. Power Button broke 2 days ago and I have occasional "slider crash". But, I won't get a replacement because the phone is otherwise solid.
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