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    I've seen the playstaion and NES emulators on the pre, and I was wondering if there was any way you could get a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator running on it. Is there some way I can get a Linux based emulator to run on my device? Also, if there is somewhere specific to ask for this to be developed, can someone direct me there? I am new to this forum
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    Anyone? Little help?
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    Look for an SDL Genesis Emulator, if one exists than probably, go look at the WebOS-Internals site to learn more about setting up a cross-compile environment and compiling Doom as a tutorial.
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    Thanks... I'll try, but I haven't done anything like this before
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    It's not that difficult to do. You just need Linux to do it. You can either dual boot or run it in virtual box. I had a spare laptop, so I just use Ubuntu as the OS on it. I've been playing around with it for a while now. Also, I know I've seen SDL Genesis emulators out there so it shoudnt be too hard to port to the Pre.
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    I guess Xmess is what you're looking for. I'm sorry, I cannot give you the link yet since I have less than 10 messages... Google for "Xmess-sdl Debian package", instead.

    The program's already been ported to the armel architecture, so in theory the pre could run it...
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    Someone should run it through the compiler and see how it comes out. It's probably going to require some tweaks tho
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    Yep, and it's a big package... There's a lot of code there and I guess tweaking that won't be that easy.
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    Yeah, I also found a sdl for gens plus as well... But my computer with Ubuntu is broken right now. I guess I could set this one up for duel boot.. But I still wouldn't know what I was doing lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jethrotull View Post
    Yep, and it's a big package... There's a lot of code there and I guess tweaking that won't be that easy.
    I imagine the gens plus sdl would be a lot less because it only supports 3 consoles as apposed to the 24 by xmess. I can't link so.. google it lol
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    Yeah, and the dgen emulator is also sdl... But neither dgen nor gensplus have been ported to the armel architecture, so I guess there will be some work to do with the instructions set first.
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    I'm looking through the Dgen configure file now. I'll run it through the compiler as is and see what happens. No promises lol

    Sidenote: Thank you whoever cleaned up and improved the PDK page on Much better

    No luck
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    Could you try with the gens plus sdl?
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    I'm bumping this because I really want to have a Genesis emu

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