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    I agree...Apple's app store didn't "take off" (I mean hit the hockey stick growth curve) until the major major software vendors got involved (obviously the SDK was impressive too)...Some of the apps we had before today are amazing but with the releases today the future looks even better.

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    Agreed! And it seems that these apps are selling extremely well.

    NFSU already has 2K downloads - That's 20K in revenue; and 8K of that is Palm's. In just one day! Maybe the app catalog won't be a means for Palm to flush cash down the toilet. I think I will hold on to my Palm shares
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    +100 I've been very happy with my Pre , and think WebOS is the best mobile OS out there.
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    Great news today. I too love my Pre!!
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    I agree - great news. But just one more big thing on my list - software keyboard. I don't like pushing the keyboard slider up and down all the time...
    Rishi O.
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    Amazing Job Palm! I was so happy watching the keynote for this event. The killer feature for the Pre, Multi-tasking and Notifications. I saw the SMS displayed when playing the sims 3 but was curious how it handled phone calls. I'm happy to see its not so bad. The game pauses, the phone notification slides up letting you accept or dismiss the call. I accepted one of the calls and after it was done, it went right back to the game. Aweesome. The dismiss call was easy of course since your still in game with that notification. Just dismiss and your back in. I love webOS .
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    Totally in agreement here! I'm excited to see what WebOS 1.4 and the PDK brings along with it! And also, would love some sort of updated Pre with Sprint as well, since I could never afford a smartphone at those Verizon rates :P
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    Here is some nice props from PC World:

    "It's great to see Palm thought about the existing Pre and Pixi user base, which won't be forced to buy new hardware to enjoy the latest software features. On other platforms, such as Google Android and Windows Mobile, this sort of software updates usually take months to filter down to older devices."

    Palm On the Right Path With Pre Plus, Pixi Plus - PC World
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    I am not liking this at all! Video recording and Flash? That means I will have to find something else to complain about that the Web OS is lacking for the new year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tripsbacks View Post
    I am not liking this at all! Video recording and Flash? That means I will have to find something else to complain about that the Web OS is lacking for the new year.
    We can still complain about, wait, can't do that either.

    We can complain because software updates don't make the button fall off and transform our Pre to a Plus!
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    Looks like investors agree with this thread today. Up over 9% today and almost 20% on the week. Good time to be a palm shareholder
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    I also agree. The Pre is my first smart phone. I really did not know much about them. I have friends that are Ipod, BB and Droid users and they always looked kinda down to my phone. I was worried that maybe I had made a mistake in buying this phone. My main thing was no video and I could not forward texts. Even my old "dumb" flip phone could do that! But now with the announcements at CES and the amazing things that the Homebrew community has added, I absolutely love this phone!!! I guess it is even more because of the good people and the support I see here on this site.
    Now the only problem is that I seem to use it less because my 9 year old grabs it out of my hands when I get home from work so he can play Quake (for hours)! He even has xbox, psp, playstation and the wii but loves playing games on my phone. Big time Palm fan and he doesn't even know it yet.
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    Palm pre plus is the phone that Steve jobs wanted with his love of no buttons. Now the Pre plus is just a smooth pebble with buttons for volume, power and ringer switch.
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