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    Quote Originally Posted by Steph3n View Post
    I roam on verizon with EVDO, but I am not going to complain or say where
    Roaming on alltel = EVDO
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    Quote Originally Posted by torourke View Post
    ...I truly feel bad for you early adopters; despite being thrilled with your new pre features-gaming here and video coming soon!--you must feel bummed (at least a little) that there is a 'better' device on a different carrier...
    I don't feel bummed at all. I'm totally happy with my Pre and am not sad that there is a new "better" phone (as you put it) on another carrier. I truly don't see any major differences that would make me feel that way. Right now I have enough memory on mine (but will step up quick when a new phone comes out). I like the center button because I use it for LED notification all the time. My slider is working fine (knock on wood), and there is no difference in software. I'm completely happy with my device!

    Oh... and you just might want to wait until the actual roll-out on Verizon before you make your actual decision. I would NOT be shocked if Verizon added some extra pricing fee for the use of the tethering feature. I've heard rumors of that already! It is Verizon after all... that wouldn't be a shock.

    Update: Now with the Link to the extra pricing from Verizon for tethering.
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