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    so a few days ago this interesting problem started happening. When I wake up, and take my phone off of it's touchstone, the battery is at around 40-60%. At first I thought I just didn't find the "sweet spot" as I have the seido innocase. So the next night I made sure the phone was charging before I went to sleep. I wake up in the morning with 60%. I then noticed that even if I do find the sweetspot again it doesn't charge. The only way I can get it to charge via touchstone is to reboot it. Has anyone heard of this problem before? Here is all my info

    Case?: yes, seido innocase
    Patches: none
    homebrew apps: none that affect battery
    services installed: package manager service, systoolsmgr service, upstart manager service.

    I'm not sure what other info to give. If you need anything else just tell me. I thought it may have been BrightnessUnlinked messing up in the background but lastnight I killed it with JsTop and uninstalled it and had the same issue. Any help would be great. I hate having to go through the day with 60% battery with how fast the Pre burns through it.
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    bump for help?
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    so do I need to change my title to "OMG THIS PHONE SUX I F'N HATE PALM OMGWTFBBQHAX!!!!!1!1!1" to get any response?
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    This happened to me yesterday. After a reboot, it worked as normal. Just a glitch, I think.
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    happened to me this morning, started working after the battery drained all the way
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    thanks for the replies. My thred keeps on getting buried with all this CES stuff. It's sorta troubling though. I wonder if there is a certain time it happens? Like after 2 o clock or something

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