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    It's not really a RAM issue as it is a memory leak issue with WebOS on the Pre. Until that is addressed, newer games released will periodically show memory errors with nothing opened.
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    Okay. I've tried every combination of rebooting and installing there is. I reset it back to factory, installed the sims, rebooted again, and NOTHING. It doesn't work with NFSU either. Does anyone have any ideas other than rebooting my phone for the 40th time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dallashigh View Post
    The double RAM was just an unfounded rumor, but unfortunately a lot of people can't distinguish rumor from fact.
    lol, Watch the CES video! Jon Rubinstein personally told us that it has double the memory. Also check out this thread:

    I've been on the webOS Internals IRC and they even say it has 512 mb's of memory.

    Palm Pre Plus First Hands-On: Super-Fast, Button Removal Is No Problem - palm pre plus - Gizmodo

    "It's speedier, thanks to the double RAM that's been added, and noticeably easier flipping between apps and programs."

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ78 View Post
    think of your Pre crashing as an automatic reboot feature to clear more memory.
    I spat iced coffee onto my work pc monitor after reading this. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TIWizard View Post
    Well, you could always play games with no other cards are open (or one or two, depending on the game) and reopen your cards afterwards. I mean, think about the poor iPhone users stuck with only 1 app open, period. They lived with it
    Oh my goodness!! I was just about to say the EXACT same thing!! I have an iPod touch and I can't tell you how frustrating it is when I'm playing a game and don't want to lose my place so I can't use the other features on the iPod. People that say the push notifications are just as effective as true multi-tasking across the entire device really aren't speaking from experience. It makes a HUGE difference.
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    I sure wish I hadn't purchased 3 of these games before I tried them. My coworker has the same problem. Nothing will make these games run. On a side note, I have an ipod touch too and I can't use it anymore. WebOs has ruined me.
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    i didnt have any cards open and it said too many.. -_-, on the demo they ran all those things and obviously on the new pre, or they wouldve gone to crap lol
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    No crashing issues here. Remove your patches and see if the crashing goes away. I bet it will.
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    I removed evrything. They won't launch or tell me I have too many cards or anything most of the time. When I get the cards error I feel like I achieved somthing.
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    the pre without any patches had too many card issue from launch. Patches may cause more errors but the memory leak is an on going problem for many stock pre. People without this issue may not understand how annoying it can be. Come on Palm, fix the problem before someone writes a story about how unstable the pre is running 3D games. Mark my word, we will see much more complains about memory leak issues.
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    Yeah people are posting the same issues in the reviews. The games are getting all 5 stars except for people who buy the games and can't run them.

    I really hope Palm is thinking of a way to "return" games. It should be as easy as clicking a link and then the game disappears from your phone, and the money appears back in your account. Maybe only allowed in the first 48 hours or something and only once per game version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buchkoba00 View Post
    People, seriously. If something like this happens


    I installed NFS, got the too many cards error, which wasn't much of a surprise seeing as how the game is freaking huge. Restarted the phone and it works fine. Can people try basic troubleshooting before complaining on the interweb?
    Please keep smart-*** comments to yourself until or unless you know what the hell you're talking about. ...and even then.

    Rebooting didn't solve the problem, for me - which is why I came here. What I don't need is someone like you spouting off with nothing constructive to add.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    I think the games are awesome but if it's gonna cause the pre to crash due to memory leak then it's not worth it. People have to remember it's still a phone and rebooting it everyday should not be the reason to clear up memory issue..I almost choked on one of the comment about restarting from previous post.
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    Just thought id throw my 2 cents. I have been playing Doom Quake NFS and X Plane and haven't run into the cards issue. Infact I haven't even restarted since installing any of these applications. Soo ehh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    I have no issues running these games and I can run need for speed and Asohalt 5 at the same time with no issues. The Pre has some type of memory leak or has a problem in clearing memory because it first said too many cards when I tried to run both. A restart fixed that problem. I highly doubt the Pre Plus will have more memory because these games do not use that much and John Rubinstein did not make it clear.

    Webosinternals quoted
    Need For Speed runs at 80% CPU and 23% MEM
    X-Plane only uses 25% CPU and 16% MEM when running
    I listened to the presentation. The pre plus will have double the memory. He stated that this increase will allow the pre plus to be faster and be able to handle more tasks. You don't get that ability with a storage increase, but you do with a RAM increase. Pretty positive it will be 512 MB for the plus.
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    Maybe it's time for someone to create a memory manager app?
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    It seems to me that the browser in particular holds a lot of memory and doesn't always clear properly. I've never had a Too Many Cards problem after rebooting and opening the game (and maybe messaging and email) only.
    A Memory Manager would totally rock. And I got the impression that when it was said that the Palm Pre Plus would have double the memory, they chose poor words for the 16GB of flash memory. That was just my thought.

    Does anyone else have a problem of the Sims 3 crashing often after you upgrade the house? In two separate games, I upgraded the house and the game (but not the phone) crashes when I try to go to town.
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    I bet you all have MyTether installed, no? That, you will find is the problem. You more than likely upgraded WebOs without first removing the patch that makes MyTether work now. I for one, have done all the above, and cannot play or open any of the new games. I hope they get it figured out soon. I have a need for speed right now!
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    I haven't seen the Palm Presentation yet....will watch it tonight, but maybe besides potentially having more memory, did the Pre Plus they were using run 1.4 or
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    I have never got the Too many Cards error. I have got the Sorry the program closed unexpectedly. So i'm not having the memory problem, but do get those errors some times.

    Also to address some saying 256mb isn't enough ram, it is. Heres why.. These are almost direct Iphone ports of these games, and the 3GS has 256mb of ram in case nobody knew. So the ram should not be the issue, I think it's more a memory leak issue or just being new games on a platform that hasn't run these games before. I'm sure Palm is looking into it, and will be fixed in 1.4 or the Dev's updating the games. So the issue is how WebOS is utilizing the memory, or even the game. It will be fixed soon, I can almost bet since they seem to fix everything else.
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