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I used to have an iPhone and bought the same EA version of Monopoly and was disappointed at how slow the animations are (smooth, but painfully slow, and no option to skip through). You have to wait for the dice to roll, wait for the piece to go around the board, wait for the room to spin around once or twice... Is this version basically a carbon copy? If so then I will stick with Preopoly...
When an AI piece is moving around the board, a fast forward icon will appear on the right side of the screen. If you press and hold it, then you will fast forward through the rest of the dice rolling, moving, buying, trading, etc. animations as well. You can get through all of the computer moves in about 10 seconds this way.

Also yes, it is a carbon copy of the iPhone version but without cross-device multiplayer and with a few icons moved around to fit the smaller screen better.