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    Ok I tried to search but I keep getting an internal error. So I just noticed (probably because I very rarely use the phone part of my Pre LOL) that when I am on the phone my SMS alert tone is very loud and kinda over rides the conversation.

    Is there a way to fix this, a setting, or do I just need to remember to turn off my sounds with the switch when I take or make a call?
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    Bump ... anyone?
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    There's a no alert during calls patch, that would silence your sms tone. Also, you can put the phone on vibrate via the toggle at the top [orange showing].
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    <------biggest chicken in the world. I'm too afraid to do preware and patches. LOL!

    I'll just flip the switch then...that's easy since I only make or take about 3 calls a week.
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    You can also turn down the system sounds, and see if that helps.

    preware really isn't scary, I promise.
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    LOL! Well then come teach me how to do it. But thanks for the info about the patch and trying to help me.
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    I just put the phone on vibrate. It makes a different noise...its like a very low bell sound.

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