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    Watch this @ 3:11:

    "We doubled the internal memory AND also doubled the flash on it"
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    Yeah, I don't know either.
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    I think palm would've come out and said it has 512mb of ram. I think saying double the memory sounds like they were talking about the 16gigs.
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    well, in some cases the mention of internal memory and flash is the same thing, since internal memory and flash can be referenced in the same way. if they said upgraded the internal memory and ram, this topic would not even exist.
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    Sure, but the palm guy explicitly said that they doubled BOTH.
    So, if you believe internal memory and flash memory are the same for him, it means the pre plus will get 16*2*2 = 32gb. Cool
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    It sure seems like Palm intentionally skimmed over this. I think they expect a certain amount of backlash from Sprint customers who won't have access to the improvements. I personally understand why that's happening but I know there will be quite a few people who are upset.
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    Yeah, I can see that, but some people refer to internal memory as being flash memory as well. If they would have same internal memory and ram as being doubled, then it would be more of a fact statement. right now, it seems either unintentionally/intentionally looked past, or they didn't think it would create this much confusion and the ram is indeed the same.
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    1. Wow, yeah wow, this is a crazy thread.
    2. Palm has been perfectly fair to sprint customers, it's sprint that is screwing them
    3. If you read this thread backwards (focusing on the facts first) it is clearly talking about Ram.
    4. :-P
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    Why would they explicitly state the RAM of the Pre Plus when they never stated the RAM of the Pre in the first place?
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    Palm's CEO, Jon Rubinstein during the CES presentation, quite clearly states "We doubled the internal memory, so you get increased performance and you can do more complicated tasks, like those 3D games we showed you".

    To me that sounds like an increase in RAM, not storage space. Increased storage space does not result in 'increased performance and the ability to do more complicated tasks'.

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    did anyone watch the demo? He had video open, sims, chat, web PLUS flash, and another card I can't tell.

    Sims already takes a huge chunk of ram I'm sure. plus flash? I can barely have a webpage plus hte music app open. hell, I couldn't load NSFU after having chat and email open. I closed them, had to wait a minute, then I could load NSFU.

    It's pretty clear the Pre Plus has more memory, and the comment is double the OS memory, hence internal memory. 16GB of storage is not RAM, it's flash memory, big difference.
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    Yeah I hate to say it but the Pre Plus has more RAM

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayln View Post
    and I can open 32 cards on my overclocked phone. your point?
    what does overclocking have anything to do w/ cards open? And I call bull**** unless they're all text.

    you really don't think those models are the best they could possibly get?
    optimized as much as possible?
    ??? You trying to say they optimized the specific phone? Doubtful, if anything it's software tweaks

    I'd take the 512mb with a heaping helping of salt.
    as pointed out previously, dram is soldered onto the cpu.
    I would like a link to this. Not to mention... they changed the hardware. *IF* it is even directly soldered to the CPU, how does that even have any bearing on whether or not the Pre Plus has 256 or 512MB of RAM? Not enough room? We have the technology to shrink it, I'm sure it was available then, it just wasn't cost effective.

    unless TI gave them a better deal then last time, I don't see them setting aside funds to buy an intermediary bunch of chips when presumably they'd buy another set for the second gen webOS device.
    you never know what their deal is. or what they're planning. for all we know, they stockpiled enough Pre's to fill Sprint out for a few months and will move the Pre Plus to Sprint later, too. Granted, I doubt it.
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    go to 3:10

    "we doubled the internal memory as well as the flash on it"
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    haha. there's only one device on the market today that has 512MB of RAM, and that's the Nexus One, by Google. It'll be nice to see if the Pre 2 will have 512MB of RAM as well. I doubt the Pre Plus will have that much. It seems more like a heavily optimized build, that is why it seems faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linh.nguyen View Post
    [url= - Hands-on with Palm Pre Plus[/url]

    go to 3:10

    "we doubled the internal memory as well as the flash on it"
    cannot view video. error.

    well the video clears it up nicely.
    I had not seen this particular presentation before, thought everyone was running wild with speculation.
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    They said double ram and double storage. Considering that apps like sim3 require 100mb's, it's no surprise.. (I can barely run sims3 on my current pre..)
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    So I'm not sure...does it come with 256MB or 512 MB of internal RAM.

    OK I'm just a little buzzed
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    I know a bunch of us sprint adaptors are not happy that we are getting the shaft but lets face it it its mentioned everywhre that it has double internal memery which it probably does. I saw a lady saying that the verizon phone was running and it was faster then my pre so lets face it guys.
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    So what if it does? It's called progress. You can't expect the hardware to stay stagnant. I'm sure there will be a new webOS device avail. on Sprint by the summer that "shafts" Verizon folks too, one one after that, then one after that....
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