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    I very much doubt you'll see a Pre2 before the fourth quarter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laze View Post
    I very much doubt you'll see a Pre2 before the fourth quarter.
    I don't know. The Pre Plus is sucha small update. If the partner thing between Sprint and Palm is still strong, I think we'll see something there.

    The Plus is a Verizon exclusive. AT&T will be getting two Palm phones and I don't think anybody will be buying the old Pre more than a year after release. I mean, Palm can't survive on last year's should've-been-must-have phone until Q4.

    With Android having a new hyped phone every couple of months, Apple with 4G probably before the summer and other competition like WinMo 7, they need something new every six months. Maybe they'll add a high-end phone, so it'll be Pixi < Pre < high-end webOS phone. Faster, hi-res, compass, memory, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by felix.jc View Post
    Updating your O2 phone to 1.3.5 is fairly easy.

    - Backup your phone.
    - Grab the Webos doctor for O2, and for Sprint
    - replace the /resources/webos.tar file in the O2 Doctor with the one from Sprint Doctor.
    - Doctor your pre.

    If you can use a forum you can do this. There's a step by step in the Webos 1.3.5 on Bell thread. Takes about an hour if you don't have a clue what you're doing. Which is only a few more minutes than running the update. If all you need is WebOS 1.3.5 to make you happy then voila.
    It is no use if we can't get to buy the 3D Games. Rather wait for the official release.
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    OK, so I've been a guinea pig with my Palm Pre in Switzerland. I can live with that. What's totally mysterious to me is why the App Catalog is only available for freeware. I mean, how hard can it be to open that up for international customers? And how much sense does it make to anounce international expansion if all those customers will not be able to buy apps?! I wonder if French users will realize that!? (my guess is they will find it out the hard way just like the rest of european users)
    BTW: Am I the only one who thought that all these Palm managers wer acting strange. I mean this CEO and that lady should get a training with their communication, so they can speak with more fun more enthusiasm and represent the originality of the product through and through. I think they are strange characters. The coolest dude was the French guy!
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    Oh yeah, just to make it clear. I realize that 'official' French users - the ones with the partnercarrier - might be able to use the app catalog. The ones screwed will be those who think they can access it with the unlocked version on other networks. This might include French users on other carriers, but also people from Luxembourg or Belgium (Frenchspeakers FYI) who think they make a smart move buying a Palm Pre in France........E ben non, désolé! =)
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    This is what happens when you buy the 1st version of anything. It is also the way of things of technology.
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