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    (I can't tell if it's supposed to be an f or a t after the 8)

    This is supposed to be the link for the video taken at CES. It's not working for me yet. I want to see the quality of the video capture.

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    You want to see the quality of a video taken of a video over projection screen and then played on youtube?!? I'm pretty sure it's not gonna look that impressive no matter what it originally looked like.
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    That was the video taken on the Pre of Katie and uploaded to youtube.
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    I added that picture because it contained the youtube url.
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    Looks like a 1 after the 8 - if it's right the video is private
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    yeah its a 1. video is private
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    Worst thread title ever.
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    Damn, I wish they didn't make the video private. That would have been pretty cool to watch.

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