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    I'm kinda more bothered by how this changes the landscape than anything else. There's always going to be about a million+ Pre phones out there with half the RAM. Who knows what people overseas are getting. So now Palm is putting four lines of two products, all of which run the software differently.

    God help them if they actually DO put out a high-resolution, 3.5-3.7-inch screen device. I thought that was what I wanted from Palm. Seems like it'd just make things worse with the exclusivity agreements. I wonder if the Pre Plus has a different charging port location, too...
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    engadget is reporting that the slider mech is more solid and the keyboard is better. This and the memory bump dont make my pre obsolete but it does make me upset....
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    My pre works fine, really happy with it. Maybe with Verizon aboard the Pre will have some decent marketing. Palm's attempt in marketing the Pre was pathetic, that's the nicest term I can think of right now.
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    By the time Pre Plus W or whatever comes to Sprint, Snapdragon Android devices or some HTC Win Mobile monster will also be on Sprint's landscape (hopefully ).
    Also keep in mind that the current Sprint Pre has to contend with the Nexus on T-mobile (and the upcoming HD2, and N900). At the end of the day Palm can't just keep releasing the same Palm Pre and hoping to keep the fight going. Where is the variety to keep the platform making us swoon over and over?

    I'd like to jump on the WebOS bandwagon but for me it's not happening with the current Pre hardware or design. The need to toss it up with a bigger screen, better much potential really.

    Personally i'm stoked about the Nexus and the upcoming Touch HD2...
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