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    Any news from the keynote on when GSM Pres (in my case O2 UK) will be getting the PDK games announced at the keynote?

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    i hope gsm pre's will get all these functions?
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    my question exactly
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    I guess we will get it in march when the catalog will be enabled for european customers.
    So we will have the 1.4 update earlier than the app catalog? Thats strange..

    Will we get the new Pre plus? I guess european customers won't get it..
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    we won't see the games on GSM Pre because

    a) we don't have GPU-access libraries in 1.3.1
    b) we don't have apps on mass storage - the games are some hundred MBs heavy...
    c) we don't have paid apps on 1.3.1 - the games are to pay for
    d) ...

    So we get the games at earliest with 1.3.5, more likely in march with 1.4 and full app catalog.
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    I don't mind waiting, knowing they're coming is enough for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laze View Post
    I don't mind waiting, knowing they're coming is enough for me.
    This for me too. although I will start getting irritable if march comes and we havent had them
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    Well, you can get initial ports of Quake, Doom and a few other 'better' games on Homebrew. I'm sure within the next few weeks they will be polished off, so once we get 1.3.5 we should have access to something.
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    hurry up o2 you take the micky, honestly pfttt
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    What if! Palm forget about us!
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    has anyone tried to just flash their device to sprint-branded webos and use the "real" app catalog?

    €dit: Does not work.
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