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    For being so negative the past few months concerning Palm. You guys depressed me during the Palmcasts and now its clear you were all wrong. LOL.

    Great news from Palm.. we got some fun times ahead.. and maybe less whining.

    (And no, I don't really expect or want an apology. )
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    but really... what are we gonna when we no longer have anything to complain about? Maybe we can go back to complaining about build quality? :-P
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    Build Quality (TM)
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    People are allowed to speculate anything they wish about the product their site is about. It's called opinions.
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    All i saw was gaming and video. Nothing about what makes Palm a Palm. Full backup/restore? Local sync? Improved synergy?

    This time it really felt iphone-ish. Reminded me of apple's event last June. Gaming and video?
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    Yeah, no improved calendar application, either.
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    I thought they mentioned something about calendar apps?
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    Knowing palm there is going to be a crap load of restrictions about the PDK and applications using it.
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    I'm excited for the simple fact this new Palm is at least taking it serious and cranking out updates, getting other companies on board - and taking the fight. In our 600 / 650 days, we would get nothing other than a new phone with the same 'ol OS. Is it perfect no, but for us life Palm fans - it is a nice change to see.

    And you're right - a lot of gaming and video - which is what sadly a large majority of the public wants. Palm is fighting for their life, so they need the balance of luring in potential iPhone type buyers to help their bottom line, while still needing to work on the items cardfan is talking about. At least this time they have a quality team in place that can do it now!!!! Keep up the good work Palm!!!
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    Well games and video was the highlight, but do you really believe that is all that Palm is going to fix/update/change?

    And as to this thread. Why ask for an apology from them? As of now, all we have is an announcement. Until everything that was said to be coming is actually on our phones, you probably will get nothing remotely close to an apology. Even if we did get everything, those that were the most vocal will quietly log off and return under a new name praising the very phone they tore apart. Welcome to the forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by storino03 View Post
    People are allowed to speculate anything they wish about the product their site is about. It's called opinions.
    Opinions?!!??! Are we still allowed those?

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    I think you should take their opinion's with a gallon of unicorn blood
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    I am happy about video recording and games. Now Palm can get to work fixing the calendar app, email app, and music app, then maybe I can just use my pre instead of my ipod touch.

    On a side note I would like to have seen another hardware device, 3.1 inch screen is starting to get small, you know, since Palm is about choice, I choose you, Palm Omega Supreme!
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    I love the complaints before the annoucement.. PALM NEEDS TO BEAT THE IPHONE. Then it comes out with iPhone like features, and people say IT NEEDS TO BE LESS LIKE THE IPHONE.. lol.

    Classic stuff. Palm needs to SELL PHONES right now.. these improvements will help them. That will lead to more resources to improve the rest of the functionality. Games and flash is what will sell more phones.

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