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    new pre on verizon is a hot spot. Why is pre not letting sprint get them
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    They said its an app. I don't see why sprint couldn't get it then.
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    Unfortunately, Sprint is very likely to block the app from the store. We all know very well their stance on tethering, which sadly (for them) will drive some customers to Verizon. Sprint's loss and Verizon's gain.

    However, for those of us on Sprint, don't forget MyTether. It work pretty well for a few of us, and got me out of a I Actually Need Internet Right Now pickle at GenCon last year. My Tether : Tethering for Palm Pre - turn your Palm Pre into 3G WiFi router!
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    Following the live comments from CES, I thought they said you have to add the appropriate service to your plan (i.e. $$/month) to use tethering.


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