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    Right now they are just waiting for Lady GaGa to appear, but hopefully they will show Palm's presentation when the time comes. I watched Samsung earlier.

    The CrunchGear Network - live streaming video powered by Livestream
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    ugh freakin divas taking so long... she isnt even that good
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    Maybe she'll come out holding a Pre. That'd be sweet. lol
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    Who's the guy talking? He sounds like a royal ******.
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    i like what he said about lady gaga "why get a mediocre popstar who will be irrelevant in 2 years to represent your company."

    anyways....i assume palm are waiting for her too.
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    Hope they don't stay on this irrelevant crap instead of cutting to palm when the time comes.
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    everythingpre(dot)com/live/ another live stream from everythingPre

    they cover the palm ces show for sure

    can't posts links because of post count. so just erase the space

    /edit looks like it's just a chat coverage and no live stream or maybe not, seems like i'm a little confused today
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post

    couldnt find a live stream of the palm press conf
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    oh god..they are actually staying with lady gaga...not palm
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    Said they were going to try to get there at some point. *rolls eyes*
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    i found this blogger who is uploading pictures and talking pretty quickly in his blog

    Live From Palm’s CES 2010 Press Event
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    this is good live journal feed - Live from Palm's CES 2010 press event -- Engadget
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    crunchgear feed is updating the fastest...shame their video guys suck .
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    OMG SUDOKU!!! YESSS!!! Tears! So far, so good. Palm wowed me, plenty of people saying games are fluid, so thats awesome! OMG and video recording, bout time its official!
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    wow need for speed looks good
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    video is finally here!!!!
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    Awesome, video editing too! Ohhhh I hope Palm puts up the video of the conference, I want to see this stuff in motion!
    Flash 10! Say goodbye to battery life with games and flash but wow, so awesome!
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    That's why today we're announcing the Plug-on Development Kit. Devs can include C and C++ plugins into their applications.


    Video Recording
    GPU enabled / 3D Gaming
    Partnership with EA
    New Dev tools

    "We're also announcing a new applications... Palm Mobile Hotspot -- it takes tethering to a new level. Just download this app, install it on your device, and you can use your device to connect to the internet... up to five different devices can connect."

    Verizon only?
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