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    First I've heard of this, but could be nice when we get it:

    But as far as competition goes, Skiff isn't hedging its bets on a single device -- this is a publishing platform. As such, Skiff showed us a total of four different devices accessing its content: a color e-reader prototype, and Skiff apps running on a Palm Pre, Viliv MID, and of course the Linux-based black and white reader launching sometime this year.
    Skiff e-reader hands-on: watch out Amazon -- Engadget
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    Very nice find, thanks. I've been saying that whomever comes out with a WebOS e-reader app to go with their e-Ink device will get my business. It would be funny if it was these Skiff folks.

    Might have to cancel the nook I have on order...
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    I was just going to post this!

    Exciting stuff for a couple reasons:

    1. Finally a (seemingly) legitimate e-reader ecosystem (reader, software, marketplace) to come to the Palm Pre.

    2. Second, enough respect from a developer to focus efforts on a Palm Pre app at launch. Although if my memory serves me correctly, the Skiff reader will sell at Sprint stores, so I suppose there's already a pseudo relationship between Skiff and Palm. Still good news though.

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