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    Anyone have a problem with the phone having a lot of static when first making or receiving a call and when moving the slider back and forth during a call? Also the static is only on my end. Anything I can do to fix it?
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    The only time I hear static is when my wife talks to me.
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    Mine just started doing this a few days ago. The static is so loud I can't hear the other person, and all they hear is a clicking. I thought it was the slider, but when I'm on the phone and move it to try and reproduce the static, it wouldn't do it. There are times I disconnect the call, call the party back and the static is so loud I can hardly hear their phone ringing. It's VERY annoying. I called Sprint and got the "huh?" response.
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    Zero static here, I'd say talk to someone at a Sprint Store.
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    alsmith99.....That is the same problem I was having....I pulled the battery and pushed down on the sliders and now the phone is working correctly. I'll let you know if it continues to behave! Not sure what fixed it?
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    I see your post is over a year!! This started to happen to me in Dec 2010. I changed the battery back to the original from an extended one and it worked for a while. Now it's happening again!!! Did you fix yours?? How??
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    It is from your mic, you need to open up the phone and put a piece of electrical tape to the Mic and gesture area. It will hold it down to the other parts of the screen parts. This has worked so far on my Pre2

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