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    I am using a Sprint Pre.

    I bought the phone back in June and have been having strange wifi issues.

    If I turn on my Wifi and use the internet or Pandora for a little while, it seems that the Wifi connection craps out. Pages wont load, Pandora just stop playing music, messenger no longer works.. Basically no data connection.

    I found that if I disable then re-enable the wifi it will be fixed and I will recieve data again over Wifi. This lasts for 10-15 minutes before its broken again.

    Since this has started, I leave my Wifi turned off since I have a Sprint tower next to my home and get a full signal. But I now notice that when using Data on EVDO, it will just drop to 1x speed for no reason, it will stay on 1x for a while and may jump back to EVDO. This happens everywhere I use the phone, not just in my home.

    Has anyone experienced this?
    Is this a physical issue with my phone or something wrong with the WebOS?
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    I think it's the phone. I'm on Pre #4 and this is the first one that I've had wifi issues with. Not sure about evdo, but on wifi, i rarely if ever get all pings returned on a ping test, and when I accessed linux, it would rarely get the login and even then would drop before I could type any commands. It's going to be a little hard to prove, but I figure I'll be getting another one soon. This one is also the first refurb, not sure if that could have anything to do with it...

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