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    It hasn't happen to me yet

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    becuase this happens to me too
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    Quote Originally Posted by markbugs View Post
    Last night, happened to me. Phone buzzes in my pocket... and it says Low Battery. And the meter is red. I'm thinking "No way...", then like 3 seconds later it just fixes itself. This is definitely happening to a lot of people looks like. I'm on and have never experienced the behavior before that.
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    Happen to me twice after 1.3.5, with my stock battery and the seidio battery.
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    I'm still on 1.3.5 and it happened to me the other day. I plugged the phone in to recharge it and voila, my correct battery level appeared.
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    Happened to me as well
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    I have been having the same issue. My battery level has been jumping all over the place. It would report 85% then seconds later I'd get a warning that it was at 5% (a while later it would say 85% again.) Then once it was at 2% and it kept climbing all the way up to 12% over a period of about 30 min. Today it drained extremely quickly to 0% while I was out. I was expecting it to die while I was out to dinner. It continued to report 0%. I figured I would let it die, so I could attempt to recalibrate the battery. I left it on a couple hours and it was still going strong. I did some web surfing and game playing and it wouldn't die. I let it stream video for over an hour and it finally died after reporting 0% for over 3 hours. All in all, my battery lasted longer today (with higher usage) than it did prior to, HOWEVER, the reported battery level dropped way quicker than prior to the update. I wonder if others are having bad battery level reporting and assuming battery life has suffered, when really it has stayed the same or improved, and they real problem is the battery level is being incorrectly reported. Anyone else have a similar issue, or think this may be the problem. Those who are having bad battery life, have you actually waited until your phone dies (not just says it is about to)??
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    Yeah this happened to me the other day. I was like what the hell. reset it and it went back to normal
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephan7b7 View Post
    Yeah this happened to me the other day. I was like what the hell. reset it and it went back to normal
    Same here. Reported low battery, but used Pre well beyond 0 til it died. Recharged and reset and all is well with the batter meter again.
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    This also happened to me after the 1.3.5 update. Left for work with phone fully charged. Because I was slammed I didn't turn my phone on for about 3-4 hours. When I did, my battery that was fully charged when I left home was now at 17%! Within the next hour or so it died altogeher. Since then I have updated to and my battery life seems to be back to where it was since I had begun using the Seidio extended battery a couple months ago. However, I did notice some battery drain a few days ago but I think it may be because I has the screen brightness up higher than I had been setting it.

    Continuing to observe and see if anything like this happens again...
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    This has been happening at least once every two days on my phone post 1.3.5. No patches, no tweaks, no homebrews here.
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