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    I know that the Pre doesn't recognize WMA files but what's keeping them from being able to push an update out to resolve this issue? is it a rights issue?

    Also, do you guys think its possible for pre to update the media player so that it will recognize folders? I hate how it tries to put everything as one giant playlist. I have different folders with different play lists on my pc, one is rap other is rock or sometimes i have a folder that i have mixed different things into it, i just wish you could choose which folder to play so that i can have multiple folders on my phone.
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    One of the options in Music Player Remix is genre listing. It's much more customizable than the default music app on the Pre.
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    Originally Posted by Krysalias2
    Hi I am new to the entire prenet world. I would greatly appreciate it if you can help me. I downloaded the software to be able to send music and videos through text messaging. When I go and try to send a song, it tells me unable to send device full, delete files to clear space. My question is, what files would i delete?? If you can help me out in anyway, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance

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