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    I have used this before with my 6700 and would love to test it for the Pre!
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    Are u still accepting beta testers? if so, please count me in
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    looks like this is yet another dead project, but if not, i'd love to test. coming off of ewallet as well. Anyone know of any similar project with wfi/wan sync?
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    This isn't dead. Palm just approved hybrid apps. You should see it soon, but will only be able to use it if you are on 2.1.
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    I see it's out now!

    Although it's unfortunate for me that I can't use it because I don't have 2.1, in a way I'm glad to hear it requires it. I'll bet that making it a hybrid app allowed them to make it very slick (I hope so, anyway!).

    I'd love to hear impressions from anyone who's used it.
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