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    I would like to switch from SplashId to SafeWallet. Please let me know if you have room for another beta tester. If not, I would still like to get updates on your progress. Thanks.
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    Hello, I have beta tested many different softwares, nothing to do with syncing phones. I can bring to you a "noobies" perspective which will show how easy or hard the documentation is to follow, how the layout for setup is....

    If you think you would like this type of review please send me subscription details.

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    would love to test safewallet. please send details
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    Would also like to join the beta.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    I would like to beta test as well. I enjoyed beta testing calendar touch last year before it was released on the treo 800. THanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amitregev View Post
    Hi Guys!

    We are almost ready to release our new SBSH SafeWallet for the Pre and Pixi and we are looking for users who can help us beta test this new release just before we submit it to Palm's catalog.

    For those not familiar with SafeWallet from the different platforms we support (BlackBerry, S60 and iPhone), SafeWallet is a password-manager application helping you manage all your private and personal information in one secure application, locked with the best encryption and using one master password.

    If you would like, you can find more details about the BlackBerry version here:

    (We simply still don't have a page about the WebOS version since it is still being worked on...)

    One of the best things we managed to do with SafeWallet for the Pre/Pixi is supporting simple syncing with our SafeWallet PC Companion! This means you can easily manage your wallets using your PC and sync them on the go with your Pre/Pixi device. As far as we can tell, we couldn't find any similar solutions available up to date with a working syncing feature between the Pre/Pixi and a PC client.

    I'll also mention that we are not using the Classic mode, so this is a native application for the Pre/Pixi.

    As with all our beta testing groups, all beta testers who help us with helpful input during the testing will also receive complimentary registration details for both the Pre and the PC Companion version as part of the testing process. We also hope you will enjoy helping us design this new release regardless to the registration.

    If you wish to join the beta group, please post back a quick reply here indicating you wish to join the beta group and I'll send you back the complete subscription details right away!

    Many thanks to all of you who can help us with this! Happy New Year!

    Amit Regev,
    SBSH Mobile Software.
    I'd be interested. I'm also curious, will this require USB sync, or will it sync WiFi, or even WAN?
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    I would be interested in beta testing also! Please let me know what I need to do..
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    I would be interested in testing. Let me know what i need to do.
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    I would love to test your software too. I was a long time Pocket Breeze and Pocket Weather user back when I was using WinMo. Please count me in. BTW, can I import KeePass data into SafeWallet?
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    I can assist also if you are still accepting testers.
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    I would really like to help beta test this. I am a long time SplashID user who has given up on them. I have also beta tested many WebOS and other OS software packages.


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    I'd like to participate as well. Please count me in.
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    Hi Guys,

    Thank you all for the great will to help with the beta testing!! This is REALLY appreciated! (it is unbelievable how much getting good feedback from a good beta group can help us with the development!).

    It seems that at this stage - the first ~30 users that were invited to the beta group are doing a really great job! So at this stage we are not adding new beta testers to the beta group We simply don't want to make the beta group too large so that we won't end up loosing track of all the reports.

    For those who are looking to get general updates I'm glad to say that the development is progressing REALLY nicely now and things actually seems to be working!! (we weren't sure it will work before we started with the testing..). As things are progressing we will most likely have some exciting news to release in a matter of two to three weeks from now.

    Again, many thanks to all of you who are willing to help! We hope to start testing a second WebOS application shortly now, so I will be glad to get more users to join the upcoming second application soon now!
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    I'd like to beta it for you. I've never felt the need, or safe using these products, so if you can win me over - you can win over pretty much anyone!
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    I'll test it. I'm coming off eWallet for Windows Mobile.
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    Long time SplashID user looking to switch. Would love to test your product as I am VERY interested in a solution that syncs with a PC version. How about MAC version?
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    Would be interedsted to be a tester for the application also.

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    Just found this thread. I just switched to Palm Pre Plus on Jan 25th at VZW launch. I have been searching for a password manager to match the Password Plus from DataViz I use on my Palm TX and sync with my laptop. Your software sounds like what I need. If you still need beta testers, I would LOVE to help! Thanks for considering.
    Works like nothing else!
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    I'm ready to help... i currently have an i phone, tell me what i can do.
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    Any status update? Got my pre too late to be a tester, but could really use the product!
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