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    If you have a Mac version, I'd be interested in being a beta tester. And thanks for tackling this problem. What in the world was Splash ID thinking.
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    I'd be happy to beta test. Like others, I had used SplashID in the past for PalmOS, but haven't moved over to the webOS version due to the lack of local sync. I do NOT want a Cloud sync for this type of information, so local backup to a Windows PC is perfect for me!
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    I've been looking for something similar as well. I'd love to help beta test this.
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    I would love this beta test this. I've been looking for something like this!
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    I would like to beta this as well. Still have openings?
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    I would like to join the beta group, thanks.
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    I would be happy to beta test. This is one feature I have been missing in other password managers.
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    @ gc916, shuttlemanfl, milanroubal, Audemars02, chiefplt, minhaferzz, kellyfrom702, Colonel Angus and sagipe - I've just sent you all the beta group subscription details

    I'm guessing we will add another 10 or so beta users before closing the beta group since it seems we are getting close to the amount of activity we would like to have at this beta testing stage If you still would like to join please reply here and I'll send a few last invitations for the last 10 users or so.

    Many thanks to all of you for the will to help!!
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    i have beta tested for lots of programs and wil like to be part of this
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    i would love to. thanks
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    A decent password program with sync to local PC that I can backup offline is definitely something I am personally missing with the Pre.

    I would be glad to beta test this and give feedback.
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    I'd like to beta test as well. As I am on a Mac, I am willing to test the PC companion in Parallels Desktop, to see how your product works on an emulated machine.
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    I'd be interested in beta testing for you.

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    I would also like to be included in the beta testing group also. I have used alot of the various password programs, both on Webos and Winmo. I would like to help out.
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    i would so like to test this app for ya. i have waaayy to m any passwords and such to remember for work and this would help so much. thanks!!!!
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    I would like to be included in the beta test. I am currently using Splash ID but like others I am frustrated with the lack of sync.

    I was also a user of your SBSH Calendar for WM and really liked your software.
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    hi amit, nice to see you here finally
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    I'm In.

    Another long-time SplashID palmOS user who's frustrated by the desktop-sync lacking WebOS app. I'm still carrying my Treo650 for this reason.
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    Hi fkpalm, shellzda1, IvoryRing, goldyman, mickm64, vandoc, Daremo_23, rc46, ericizzy1, bbkat and ktessner,

    I've just sent you all the beta group invitations with the subscription details! I really hope the syncing will work nicely, as it should work, with this new version B)
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    I also have been using spashid and like your ideas to sync to PC. Please count me in as well.

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