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    Yeah that explains why AT&T just annouced webOS and Android phones.
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    Perhaps they can't block it anymore because they are about to expand to other carriers themselves?
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    AT&T and Apple haven't exactly been getting along very well. AT&T is now looking to expand as is Apple.
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    It was probably in ATT's interest to not have any Android phones at first - wouldn't want to give any point to Apple during exclusivity negotiations.

    Now though, the market is much more competitive, # of handsets wise, and ATT can afford to give Apple some wiggle room. With the smart phone market growing, ATT can't really afford to be a Apple and BB only shop anymore. Apple can take their exclusivity away but with the huge number of choices now available will provide ATT better options to retain customers - remember not every iPhone owner is an Apple fanatic.
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    I don't think a vendor can require a carrier to exclude other devices. I'm sure the feds would be interested in such an agreement.

    Not that they don't occur, but I suspect they are very carefully cloaked...

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