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    Has anyone tried syncing the pre with ACT! via the desktop and if so how did it work?
    I have a friend with 20,000 ACT! contacts. What is the largest number of contacts you have synced? If you know how many CompanionLink can handle, please let me know.
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    I don't know that there's a maximum CompanionLink can handle (though 20,000 is a lot). They have a 2 week trial version you can download.
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    OK thanks. Anyone please let me know if you tried it with ACT and details of how it worked for you and how many contacts you synced.
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    People who use CRM tools handle larger numbers of contacts. In fact, that's part of what computers and CRM is all about, is handling more customers and still insuring each client feels like you are giving them personal service. CompanionLink has deep roots in supporting CRM tools like ACT!, Microsoft BCM (Business Contact Manager), and GoldMine.

    The largest customer I've heard from has 30,000 records on the Palm Pre. It works, which is surprising because most phones max out at about 10,000. The initial sync time counts in hours, unfortunately, maybe 2-3 hours for the first time sync for 20,000 records. However, secondary sync times are very short, just a few minutes.

    You can send 20,000 records using CL USB Sync and CompanionLink Express with the direct wired sync. This is the fastest option. You can also go through Google if you split your groups and send through two Google accounts. Google has a limit of 10,000 records. Also, Over-The-Air (OTA) sync is inherently about 10 times slower than wired sync, whether through WiFi or Google.

    For this record count I recommend CompanionLink Professional $99.95 because it has more options for handling groups, files and other features that enable you to better categorize and sort your contacts on the device.

    For more information give CompanionLink sales or technical support a call. They are always willing to answer questions and you can try all our products free for 14 days.

    Wayland Bruns, CTO
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
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    Wayne, a helpful reply.

    Would he need to buy a copy of Pro for each of his staff? If so, that would be too expensive for him.

    I think he would like both wireless and wired.

    Wireless as he has a handful of staff that need to sync their mobiles to the master ACT database on a desktop computer in the office at the end of each day.

    And also wired so that the staff could also sync to their laptops during the middle of the day so they would be able to either type notes in via laptop or mobile before wirelessly syncing to master database at day's end.
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    I've been using Companion link for 18 months now to sync my Centro (OA), and now my Pre to ACT.

    I originally sync'd my Pre with Google and for the most part it was a good experience but had mixed results with contacts (Significant duplication of contacts from time to time.).

    I've been using the USB sync since it has been available and would strongly recommend it. I've not had any of the duplication issue I had with the Google sync, and what I like the most is the option to sync timeless tasks directly to your daily calendar. It gives you that old Palm daily agenda kind of feel.

    Overall its a great product, with very good support.

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