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    anything recommended for keeping the battery life up?
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    how do you tell the difference between the old pre battery and the new one?
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    i just bought a damn battery, and since i've updated 1.3.5 and it as drained like a damn ice cream out in the sun. this is ridiculas, i've just spend like $30-40 on the battery
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    Don't use encryption on your router.

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    ^ i never used wi-fi and bluetooth, and my brightness is always on low, since i bought my pre.
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    Mugen 1400 battery
    Preware with the SmartReflex 500 Patch running
    Wifi set to on
    GPS set to off
    Email set to check every 30 min
    No IM programs running in background
    Battery drain .78 per hour (screen off, at idle)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ezgoin783 View Post
    anything recommended for keeping the battery life up?
    - Use Wifi whenever possible
    - Sign out of instant messenger accounts when not in use
    - Use 'Roam Only' when in poor Sprint coverage areas
    - Set screen brightness low
    - Set screen shutoff timer as low as you can
    - Adjust email sync interval
    - Use Airplane Mode if possible (you won't be able to make/receive calls or transmit data)

    There are more tips, but these are the ones I could think of off the top of my head...
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    I've tried just about everything since 1.3.5. I'm starting to lose hope in getting my battery life back.
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    Turn off: IM Chat, GPS (on-demand only) and Bluetooth and Wi-fi (or if using WI-fi use unencrypted Access Points only). Brightness to lowest possible and preferably minimal preware.

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