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    Hello all
    would be nice to be able to scroll backwards while looking at contacts. Let me look at z's or y's right away since that is who i am looking for.

    Come on Jason, Jmartino, some of the other awesome experts.

    I thank you
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    I actually would agree with yuo if I ever used my "contacts" app that way. Now w/ FB sync along with the others I have way too many contacts to scroll through and although it would be nice to have a continuos rolodex like feel (meaning you could hit the last name in Z and it scroll back to the fist name in A and vice versa) that would be useless for many since they all probably have a shortcut for most used contacts or use universal search when its a not so useful contact. Although I will say this if it hasnt been said b4! my universal search at time BLOWS and is sooo unresponsive!

    Try posting this in the web os patches section might get more of a bite there.
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