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    I was wondering if anyone has tried removing micro scratches from the Pre's screen? I thought I found a product called Displex, but the reviews say it doesn't work on the Pre's screen. The scratches are incredibly fine, you cannot even see them unless you angle the phone just right in the light. I was wondering if there was a solution for getting them out, just incase.
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    I purchased the screen protector from pre central and it covered up my scratches just fine.
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    Umm, you can't remove scatches, to remove a scratch, you would have to sand down the plastice to match the level of the scratch, and trust me, you dont want to do that. You can fill a scratch with certain fluids that you can find at walmart and such. But most just make the scratch more obvious. If you can only see the scratch a certain angle, get an Invis Shield and call it a night.
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    You could try Apple Sauce (TM) I have never used it but they say it will take out lite scratches.

    I tried buffing out some on a old MiniDisc player with a Dremel buffer. Not the best solution.

    Some have used toothpaste, like the Dremel it is easy to over do it and somethimes make it worse.

    The TV marketed Lens fixer is not good either. I looks like nail polish when you are done.

    One solution I haven't tried yet is the polishing paper for polishing fiber optic ends. I have some paper but I want to use it for fiber. It does take out microscopic scratches out of fiber but don't know about screens.

    Back in the day when I was using palm pilots. I would use oil and lightly coat the screen to keep my stylus for scratching the screen. Like veg/olive oil or facial oil. This is how you condition leather bound books by the way. It is not too greasy and adds life to your books.

    Back to the point here. I mention these because these were trial and error attempts by me over the years.

    I really down with my InvisiSheild I have used this for months and it has held up well. I have and not afraid to place my phone in a pocket of change/keys, or a bag of tools, or even a bag of screws. It is that tough.

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