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    The A T & T ads are so misleading, they say A T & T has multitasking, what they fail to mention is that the Iphone their best seller can't multitask. Take care, Jay
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    You're clearly directing this at the wrong person. The only point I made is that someone asked "Can the iPhone do the 3D games that the Pre now has?" to which I replied that the games actually CAME from the iPhone.

    Just because someone mentions it once in a while doesn't mean that they think that it's the godphone.
    LOL hey jhoff, my bad man. A little steamy, as I've been avidly reading about webOS for a year now, and I'm honesty tired of the apple ******* thinking they have a 'Godphone'. Like they honestly think that the iphone is the mecca of phones, smdh. Well, thanks to good ol' Palm, we have a great competitor, and in my opinion, a waaaaaaay better OS. Look how long we've come since CES 2009, and that was when i fell in love with webOS.

    Well 6 months since the phone's been out.... we have everything that the 'king' iphone has, and a bit more. Palm is moving very swiftly in their developments (some wanting 'voice dialing' may not think so, lol)

    After 1.4, I'm definitely declaring 1000% that webOS is THE best OS out there, by a mile.... as long as they use that GPU and make the OS speedier , on top of vid recording & editing + Flash + multitasking + 3D games + the great ease of app development and distribution... WHAAAAAA! webOS isn't even 1 yr old yet.. that speaks Great volumes.
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    I hope with the SDK being open now Popcap will finally make some games for the Pre. I play their games the most on my iPhone and would love if i didn't have to wait long for the games to transition to the Pre. I would really love some mobile plants vs zombies!!
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    The advantage palm has over its competiton is the size of the company and its agility. Which is exactly why they can continue to pump out updates and features at an unprecedented rate. I am looking forward to seeing what 1.4 brings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    Here's what I believe will be announced at CES:
    • Added Carriers Verizon and possibly AT&T and/or T-Mobile later in the year
    • Slightly Improved Hardware More memory, Pixi WiFi
    • Touchstone Accessories Hopefully a car charger, but I believe we'll see other things as well
    • Expanded API I've become pretty well convinced that they will announced API calls that will address additional functionality, including the GPU, from WebOS. This will be the "big announcement".
    • Lots of Demos showing off new capabilities, including (I believe) the "not possible" Need for Speed demo
    • New Apps & Vendor Partnerships Including Flash, Docs to Go, and a host of others. I believe we'll see 2000 apps by the end of the month.
    most of your predictions were right on point. But are you still expecting 2ooo apps by end of the month?
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