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    Quote Originally Posted by Solidsnake96 View Post
    I'm working with vista and can't find the wizard to setup the PAN
    please help.
    thanks David
    Does your computer have bluetooth?

    If so, look for "bluetooth devices" in your control panel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kd0axs View Post
    Here is the error you get when trying to do this with a Sprint Pre. You can get a Bluetooth PAN connection but as soon as you start using data this error pops up and the internet connection is cut off. This same error also pops up when using My Tether via Bluetooth, but you can just hit OK and you don't lose the connection.
    I just read this post:

    He is tethering on Sprint, using a PAN connexion.
    Floren Munteanu
    why queued - My blog
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    So now my phone says that I am not authorized to content share... lol owell it was fun while it lasted :/
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