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    Sorry if this is already been asked, couldnt find it amongst the rants.

    I am going to be cancelling my plan with sprint shortly, but still love all of the great stuff that the people have been coming out with at webos internals and other homebrewers. Anyone know if you can continue to use the pre over wifi without a phone/data plan? I was under the impression that you had to have a plan to activate it, but it seems like since itll work fine with airplane mode, that itll operate other wise. unless they send a kill signal to it or something.

    And by work i mean grab apps (via wifi) and use stuff thats on the phone. Obviously calls dont work.

    Anyways, with everyone bailing for the .20 contract thing, im sure someone has an answer for this.

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    You can bypass activation
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    How would one do this? I have a second Pre that is not currently activated but it's stuck trying to activate. I didn't want to do that since I already have one active on Sprint. I did want to use it as a WiFi device, and for multi-media.
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    Yeah mine is already activated, but seeing how you said you can bypass that, guess either way thats a yes. Cheers, sorry sprint, on to the nexus one for me.
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    Yes, you can still use a Pre without Sprint. Everything works except for Sprint TV and making/receiving calls. As long as you have WiFi, everything is fine. Check out this other post:

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