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    One more thing, for some reason it sometimes helps to leave the battery out for a few hours (overnight if possible) and then try again.
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    What have I done? Let's see... I remove the battery, slap it back in, stuck at the Palm logo, try Orange+Sym+R and sometimes it will actually do the spinning circle reboot thing but then it's back to the Palm logo. Sometimes on the Palm logo I actually see the 'glowing' effect on the Palm logo starting but each time it goes nowhere.

    WebOS Quick Install doesn't see the phone anymore and WebOS Doctor doesn't want to do anything. I tried to stop by the Sprint repair place on my way home from work but the tech was gone for the day so I guess I'll try to hit them up first thing in the morning.
    ---Abort, Retry, Fail???

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    What does this mean and how do I do that?
    my screen is stuck on the word PALM

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