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    Now when I connect my Pre and run WebOS quick install o my PC, it shows the diffstat, GNU patch, GSTstreamer, and Package Manager Service. When I go to Patches in the Drop down menu, it no longer shows any like it used to. What in heaven creation did I do? Does anyone have this problem?

    I reinstalled all my tweaks/patches after the two latest updates using webOS quick install, so this is baffling. Since then, I did update Preware and ran Emergency Migration Helper so I can download apps from the app cat again.

    This tweaking/patch thing is driving me nuts when it comes to updates.
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    It is known issue and I believe Jason is working on it. Your patches/tweaks should be working correctly but it has become harder to know which ones are installed using the WebOS Quick Install. Jason does know about it. If you go the WebOS Quick Install thread, you can read up on the other posts that deal with this same issue.
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    Thanks team Pre.

    Just to make sure I am clear, the patches are working on my Pre, but not showing up on the PC program WEBOS Quick Install.
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    Thanks for this post. I'm having the same issue. I know which ones I've installed, but I can't remove them. Luckily the update went ok.

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