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    New to Pre, love the phone, but it only get's signal in a few pockets of my house: back of kitchen, one corner of the living room.

    What is weird to me is that if I make a call in my kitchen and then walk around the house, it doesn't drop the call or have any other problems, but as soon as I hang up, it'll revert back to no signal.

    And I can't make a call again without going back to the kitchen. Occasionally I'll get EV coverage but mostly it shows R.

    Have three other Sprint phones that have no problems getting coverage. Two android phiones with no issues, and a pixi which goes in and out of Ev and 1x coverage.

    One of those android phones is the phone I first got for myself. But I liked my wife's pixi so much I got a pre to try out (needed the wifi). But with so little coverage, unable to get calls, etc. it's just not going to work out if there isn't anything I can do. I'm within my first thirty days on these phones so one is going back.

    I know I can get an airave ro help with the signal in the house, but what worries me is that I can't take it with me everywhere I go, so I worry about having reliable service wherever I go.

    Guess I'm wondering of anyone has any tips.
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    I get patchy signal at my home as well.
    I use the 'roam only' patch for keep it in roaming all the time when I am at home. I use wi-fi at home so data speed is not an issue.
    I change it back to get 'automatic voice signal' when I go out.

    There are multiple versions of 'roam only' patch available through Preware, anyone of them should work just fine.

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